I'm the real Emili

Hi everyone, I'm Emili I was bullied all through elementary school to high school but I am strong enough to make my life better. I'm strong beautiful and I have confidence I am now 18 and soon to graduate from high school and wow this is a serious problem no one has ever been able to stop bullying but I thank two ladies who try their hardest to get a bill passed for safe schools Lizzie Valaques and Tina miere
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My Story

I am a 14 who has been bullied from the first time I walked into my school. This is my story, when I was 2 or 3 I had a stroke that made me think I could not talk until i was about 7. So I got held back in my first year of school. The bullying stopped until about 5th grade when I gained weight. The weight stayed with me until the end of 6th grade. But they still made fun of me in 7th for what I wear and for what the music I listened to. That year I started to harm myself and stopped talking to all my friends because I thought I had none. I started no only getting bullied at school but online from kids I dad not even know. I never wanted to go to school because I knew it was going to be just another day. Now I am on 3 pills for depression, 2 for ADHD and 1 for sleeping. Bullying is not something to be happy about. I think it is time to stand up for our rights of being a person. 

If you need anyone to talk email me [email protected]

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My story

I was bullied since third grade. My first bully was my own step sister. Her friends and her made fun of me for weird reasons! I had shorter hair than most girls and I played with boy toys more than girl toys. I was a tomboy. Born and raised with a father who taught me baseball and football plus a little bit a wrestling. I was the closes thing he had to a son. Through the years it got even worst. Fourth grade wasn't as bad but sixth grade was the year when the words came home with me and I couldn't get it out of my head. I've always loved having short hair it looked good on me. In seventh grade I got a really short hair cut like Ruby Rose type of hair cut. I walked into homeroom and everyone looked at me and started whispering. I knew it was about me. Everyone kept calling me a lesbian or a fagot or a homo. Girls would hurry up and run away when they saw me. I only had five real friends that are still by my side. It never really calmed down at all but I got to the point where I didn't care what they thought of me. My family and couple of friends still love me for me and that's all I need to keep living in this world.

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He's too young to have to feel this way....

As a Mother, I want to make it all better. I want to love his pain away. My son is 8. In the second grade. One Sunday, he was having a particularly rough day. He was bothered by everything, and mad at the world. I assumed it was because everyone's park priveledges had been taken away for the day, because that's the biggest thimg an 8 year old mind should be processing. I sat him down, and told him, no matter how we are feeling, we still have choice over our actions. Disrespectful behavior still has consequences. I told him that maybe he should lay down in his room for a bit, and read his Bible stories, maybe that'll put him in a better mood. He was still visibly ....angry. He had been anxious and figity all day long. So I walk out, tend to his sister's, and spot his Bible book, and his Math workbook on the counter. As I opened the door to bring it to him, I saw my 8 year old little boy ...with one end of his jump rope, knotted around his neck, and the other end tied to the railing on the top of his bunk bed. Instantly I was in a panic. His feet were planted firmly on his mattress, so physical harm had ensued....but had I not walked in there, I cannot even fathom it. When he was free....I asked him if he wanted to die. He told me no, so I know he didn't fully understand the consequences of his actions. I explained to him that, had he slipped, he would be dead. He wouldn't have been able ts call for help. I asked him what he was doing. He told me harming himself. I cried....and sat him down. I asked Ty what he was feeling...what was he thinking when he put the role around his neck. He said, "I was thinking of (student's) dad, shooting me with a shotgun, in my head. My heart dropped. He explained to me that a boy at school said he would kill him and that his dad would come shoot all of us. Two weeks he was plagued by this fear. This threat may have not had any merrit, comming from a 7 year old boy....but it was big enough to Ty, that he feared for his life and his family's. There's laws that should be followed, and policy that should be implemented when instances like these take place. They weren't. He could have list his life, and I would have self-blamed the rest of my life. Bully education, and how to cope with the emotions that come with, are needed tools for this age group. I didn't realize that so many pre-adolescents dealt with suicide thoughts until I researched it. Something has to be done. Ty told a teacher and it was not handled as it should have been. I did my research, and am taking steps to make sure no other child has to feel like they have to deal with it alone at this particular school. We hope to make a difference through Tys experience. He is now going to see a counselor... His reaction at 8 was intense. So we're that little boys words. It's important that our children are made aware of bully's, and have a support system in place, and kniw beyond doubt, that they have someone who identify with their fear and pain. I can not unsee the image In my head. It traumatized me as a mother. I can't sleep, I can't eat...and won't be able to rest easy until I know he is receiving so.e help to figure things out. I never want another child, or my own, to feel that alone and scared again. Atleast not in this area, if I can help it. We need to educate ourself on the issue as well. It is never too you to start teaching our children how to be strong, and how to respond to adverse behavior. The boy received detention, but my son got therapy. Doesn't seem fair, but I'm so thankful that he is here with us. Brightening up our world. His situation opened my eyes to a growing issue among 10 and under.. If his school won't advocate for the children, Ill do it. Gladly. My goal is to see them emotil ally maintained and as carefree as an 8 year d chd
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Bully need to stop

I'm getting bullied and now not wanting to go to school. When I go to school people start to bully me and call me names throw my things. Bully has gone through my life whole life seens I stared school. I just got glasses and people try to take them off me and break them. I'm a smart kid I use to be able to keep by grades up but my grades keep going down cause of bullies. I'm only In middle school and people are push me down and no one wants to date me. I wish that this would all stop. My best days are when no one talked to me and just leave me alone
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My name is Kim.  I have 3 sons.  My middle son is the nicest, sweetest and best in the world.  I could go on and on.  He's 14 and a Freshman in a "College High School"  They called it a Trade School when my ex husband and I went there in the 80's.  He has been Bullied for so long.  Since 4th grade.  He then went on to Middle School, we lived a town over from where I grew up.  I decided that the Bullying was too much so we moved back to my home town thinking it would be better.  Middle School there was just as bad for him.  He decided that he wanted to go to the school that I had gone to in a different town so he could take Culinary, I'm a Chef and he loved to cook with me.  Figuring you have to get accepted and have perfect grades and there is a waiting list to get in if you don't get picked right away there would be no Bullying there.  Well we thought wrong.  He got straight A's to get in and went through his exploratories and and got his first choice, Culinary and he loves it.  Since the beginning of school there, last week of August he has been bullied so much.  I started with reporting it to his Guidance Counselor, she did nothing.  I went to the teachers and they changed around seats, this did not work because they don't pay attention to student not in their assigned seats.  I had 2 of his classes switched but this didn't work either as the kids who are doing this are many.  I've called the Superintendent and received no phone call back.  I called again and gave a timeline of a week or I would go to the police.  I called the Principal, I called the Dean...  meanwhile my son is being told to kill himself, having kids pick him up out of his seat by his sweatshirt, having his chair pulled out from under him and hit his tailbone on the cement floor.  He was reporting it but has stopped.  He's got F's because he is constantly worrying of his surroundings.  I finally took him to the Police Department and we reported it to a Detective who deal directly with this.  The Detective typed up his report and in 2 hours I received a call from him to set up a meeting.  His response to me after me holding him up for an hour and a half was that Bullying is not illegal...  My reply was that harassment is.  He informed me that my son will probably stay back because of his grades.  this upset me because he is supposed to stay after 3 times a week yet is afraid to because one of the Juniors in his Culinary happens to be one of the kids who tells him to kill himself also the few times he did stay the kid next to him, who again wasn't sitting in his assigned seat kept reaching over and deleting all the work he was doing.  I was told by one of his IEP team members that she would stay with him but never has.  Also I was told he was put in for an Adjustments Counselor, this never was followed through.  I put him in outside counseling.  He is so sad, I hardly see a smile on his face anymore. he wakes up with a belly ache and comes home and wants to just sleep.  Not one of the people in this school is doing their jobs or helping.  The Dean CC'd me an email to all of his teachers that basically said that my son and myself "claim" that he is being bullied and to keep an eye out as sometimes he reports it but most of the time he doesn't.  That to me says that he doesn't believe us.  I know my son and he is the one out of the 3 that doesn't lie, not about this stuff but still he doesn't lie.  He wants to transfer to our hometown High School but says it's still going to happen any way.  He won't say anything anymore because he said "what's the point"...  This school like every other school has a No Bullying Policy 5 pages long specifically stating that it's a privilege to be here and students work hard to be in here, there's a waiting list and any offenders will be kicked out letting someone on the list get their opportunity.  I don't know what else to do.  My heart breaks every second of the day and night.  I'm constantly worried about him in school and constantly worried about what is going on in his mind.  I wish this school would show the Movie.  We watched it when it came out and all of us cried for days, I still get upset thinking about it.   

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Know you don't have to listen

Ever since I was in kindergarden, I had been a victim of bullying mostly because I was different.  I didn't listen to the same music the others did, I liked The Beatles and "old people" music.  It also didn't help that I was the smallest in the whole class.  Sometimes it got so bad that I would throw the hardback dictionaries that were in the classrooms.  No one ever did anything, always saying "Kids will be kids" or "They just wanna get your attention".  If I'm being truthful, I still have issues concerning my image.  But if you are currently a victim and you're reading this, know that there are people out there who care.  That you are truly not alone.  And that yeah it sucks to be completely alone at night in bed and crying your heart out, but you know what?  Think about the future, sure there will always be people who criticize you and put you down, but in the end YOU are the one who decides if you're gonna listen to them or just keep on walking with your head held up like you don't give a damn about their comments.  OH! before I forget... I LOVE YOU! (yes, I know you're a stranger and you have no connection to me but I do.  What can I say? I'm selfless.)  Don't let them win, because in the end their opinions don't matter.  They really don't.

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My History with bullys

Hi, My names is Agnes todd, I am 12 years old, and I'm going to tell you about my story.

Okey so I have a disability and that disability is Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn't effect me in a lot of ways but 1, and that 1 way is that I have Cerebral Palsy and how it effects me is that people tease me, pushing me into lockers, laughing at me, making fun of the way i walk (with a limp), and people saying that i shouldn't be here. I have to deal with this everyday at school, on the bus, and people look at me weirdly in public places because of my walk, but i try not to let them get to me (or atleast them see that they get to me) but i cry at home when im alone and believe me i know that i shouldn't worry about them and think positive "I try" but it always gets upsetting when I'm at school and I really want to stand up for myself but I'm smaller than them, so I always think to myself "I'm special i shouldn't worry about words, people that make fun of me, and what anyone thinks about me". Thank you for your time and thank you for reading this!

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Stop the bullying

Treat others they way you'd like to be treated
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