Life As It Is.

I started out as a happy girl in 3rd grade, then the new kid came. He HATED me. He would call me stupid, but that didn't really bother me. Then 5th grade, it got worse. He called me ugly. Then 6th.... fat and lezbo, when im not even lez, im bi. Now 7th and now hes saying im a slut. I got all these things thrown at me, stupid, ugly, fat, lezbo, slut. The thing is if he really knew what I do at home he would stop. 

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friends never like me

my friend has told me this "the conversation is between me and my sister and you are not my sister so seek your way out of the ab conversation cause if you do it again i will tell my cousins when i see them and i can even tell the   office to go over there and bring them in this part n of the school and then let them tell you to leave me alone and yeah they are protective over me cause at least they care about me jewel, and my brother cares about me and you don't you were just pretending to care about me everyone else did and you didn't so stop emailing me now cause tell my cousins and i don't control what they do so yeah and your cousins are no match for mine and  have a cousin and he's a man so yeah so stop start with me cause guess what mess with me you will get my cousins angry, and espically my mother and my mom don't like you no more you are a bad person and i have cousins tat want to be cops and my stepdad is probably a cop now so mess with me again  i will tell him to tell my step brothers and they will walk me to everyone of my classes and stay beside me and you won't be able to email me cause they won't let you and yeah i have a aunt that does not like you her name is jessica and she knows  me and brittany marin knows more about my aunt and her baby  girl than you do and don't you try to see my aunts baby girl and you are band from my house and you  can't see my cousins and you sister can't either and you better not come and try to talk to my aunt either cause i will know if you did bye and don't email me again. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." then she called me names

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Poeple Call Me "Gay"

Last year in the 4th grade i cryed over nothing and poeple started calling me a girl and gay.The rommer spread from 4th grade to the grade i am in now.I just want this roomer to stop!!!!!!
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Try this on for S.I.Z.E. (Showing Individuals Zeal & Enlightenment)

I grew up in Eatonville, a small town in Central Florida. Like many children, I was a victim of emotional, verbal/physical abuse and bullying. One day, I told my mother about a particular instance of harsh verbal and physical abuse by my classmates, and I expected her to do something immediately to stop it. Instead, she shocked me with this statement: “If they’re not talking about you, you’re not doing something right.”

It dawned on me later that she was dealing with a higher truth, exposing me to a powerful gift that helped me both then and later in life. Bullies never died. They just grew up and became our bosses, co-workers and even our spouses and children. The real challenge was not what they thought about me, or even what they did to me. It was how I thought about myself and how proactive or reactive I was in uncomfortable situations. -Dr. Donald Tate

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Why is this ok?

A little is a second grader. She is a friendly sometimes shy person. Very sweet. She lives in a small town. One day she was playing on the swings at her school. Her teachers boyfriend comes over to push her. She tells him to stop. He continues to push her until she falls off the swing causing her to jam her finger and scrape her arm and back. She began to cry. The man told her do not say anything. She gave him a look of confusion. The man said if you do not say anything I will give you a treat. She told her mother and it was brought to the teachers attention. No apologies were given to the child. Now the little girl goes to school everyday only to be picked on by her teacher. Made fun of by the teacher in front of the whole class. How is this little girl supposed to have any confidence or self worth if the person of trust is bringing her down? She needs your help. 

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Bullying; it's not a joke

My name is Stef, I live in Ecuador. When I was in 4th grade I used to get bullied in the school bus, by girls that were on 3rd grade. I shutted my self up for two years. I remember every Saturday I had a nightmare about going on the school bus. So this bus had some frontal sits availables. But this girls wouldn't let me sit there. They used to say I wasn't good enough to sit with them. Imagine the impact on a 7 year old girl to listen that she is not good enough. Being called "ugly" "you suck" "you can't sit with us" I started to cry a lot because of that and I told my dad. He went to talk with the girls and they denied everything. My dad new I wasn't crazy. He believed me. It was an everyday pain to have to go on that school bus. And I couldnt switch. Because it was the only bus going to my home. Nowadays I don't get bullied anymore (I had to change schools) The words and actions (some times they pushed me and made me fall from the bus) that they had with me. Made me stop wanting to go to school. My mom died, and all was even more difficult for me. And I have been living my whole life with the question "Am I good enough?". When I tell my story some people laugh. Am I telling a joke? NO. Bullying it's worse in other countries. Than it is in Latin America. But it still damages. Bullying its no joke, nothing to laugh about. The pain is not funny. And the insecurities that bullying gives you are no joke.  

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Running Helps

I am a witness of terrible bullying. Last year I was in a grade 7/8 split class and a girl in grade 8 was being bullied. She was being called "slut" "whore" "prostitute" "hoe" and "lesbian." She was being called this all because of a rumor some kid started. It got to the point where she was trying to commit suicide. The principle talked to our class, the teacher did and so did the social worker. But nothing stopped it. It got to the point where they started reading her about cutting but she was cutting because of them. They told her to kill her self so many times. Her mother pulled her out of school and put her into a different one she just stopped coming. Our principle came in and told us that she left from bullying and the people who were bullying her should be ashamed.
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Alone to Never Alone

When I was in 3rd grade one of my classmates had assburgers ( A form of autism) and our class was getting ready to go home. As he was bringing his things to his bag a girl began to block his path. She was laughing at him as he was getting angry. I walked up and told her to leave him alone that it wasn't fair to him that she was being so mean to him. She walked away. He thanked me and I walked into the class to grab my lunch pale off the ground. She pushed my face into the floor tiles and almost broke my nose. The next day I was asked about it apparently the janitor had seen everything. That same day she tried to rip my collar bone out of my body and tried to brake my fingers. After that day almost all the kids in my class stayed around me. One of my friends told her not to touch me ever again because if she did she would have to deal with all of them. After that day she never touched anyone in my class again
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A Cali Girl living in an Oregon World

I was born and raised in Hollywood, California unit the second grade. The summer before third grade my family and I decided to move to Portland, Oregon. It was definitely a bit of culture shock. I remember the first day at my new school as if it was yesterday. I met a very nice girl named Amanda who I ended up becoming best friends with. Along with her, I also met some not so nice people. There were two girls who will remain unnamed, but they bullied me for how curly my hair was, how I talked, how I dressed and everything in between. It got so bad that my family and I decided to get the teacher and principal involved. We were all told to sign a paper saying that the two girls would have no contact with me for the rest of the year. That made moving and the new school extremely hard for me. And now, I have a younger brother who is in the sixth grade who is getting bullied to the point where he eats lunch in the bathroom. I try and tell him to ignore them and not worry about it, but from personal experience I know how bad it hurts. 

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My fake friends

When I was about 3rd grade I was always getting teased about my height cause I was a really tall kid cause of my dad. I was always getting picked on or called the usual names if your really tall like giraffe, or I would be called a tree sometimes. I didn't really know what bullying was at that age so I just let it slide. When I was 5th grade turning sixth I was allowed to get a phone since I had worked hard to get one. This was during summer. I just got my phone and I just wanted to talk to a really good friend of mine and I thought i was texting her until I she was calling me mean names. I knew what bullying was then so I was a victim of cyber bullying. I was asking them what have I done wrong and they completely ignored my question, they just continued calling me mean names, telling me why nobody liked me. I lived in Guam but was in Las Vegas for the summer. I was 13 hours away from where they were taking all these insults when I could've just stopped talking to them. I cried like I've never cried before. It came to the point where I didn't want to live anymore. I cut myself, thinking it would help the pain, they just came back at me like a fireball. I told my mom and she came into the conversation but she was on voice message. My mom was telling those 3 girls how they thought they were my friend. I cried non-stop but my aunts were telling me to get over it. I knew that something had to be done. My mom was making voice messages and they didn't want to reply to her but they were listening to it. They were to scared of my mom. They told me to go and kill myself was I thinking about it, yes. I didn't want to live because even my aunts bullied me about my weight till this day. I try to do sports but all they ever tell me is I'm un-talented I can't do this I can't do that but I joined sports I lost a lot of weight but they still say the same thing. I always wondered if I wasn't the neice they wanted. I'm not perfect, there not perfect, nobody is perfect.
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