Communities in motion

In BULLY we meet Alex, a 7th grader in Sioux City, Iowa. While the film follows the bullying that Alex experiences over the course of his school year at East Middle, the filmmakers also spent the year inside another school in Sioux City, West High School. While East Middle was in its first year of implementing bullying prevention curriculum and professional development, West High, the pilot school in Sioux City's decade long implementation of prevention programs, was ten years into its work on bullying prevention, peer mentoring, and awareness about dating and gender violence. What the filmmakers found there was a positive school climate supported through the leadership of principals, teachers and students.

Creating safe and respectful "cultures of learning" in schools is everyone's responsibility. No one is off the hook. The "Community in Motion" infographic highlights the positive outcomes achieved by a school district and its supportive community as a result of a ten-year, collaborative and forward thinking partnership. Adults and students working together increased attitudes and perceptions that bullying and gender violence are wrong and that social norms supporting prejudice and violence can be challenged and reduced by actively engaging in bystander intervention education. Watch, be inspired, and learn what a comprehensive and systemic approach to social and emotional learning looks like and sounds like. Be a "Community in Motion" so that ALL students have the opportunity to thrive, feel valued, and succeed.

Research in Sioux City demonstrates that it takes time to see results, but over the years, the numbers began to move in a positive direction. As of 2012, violence and bullying prevention programs are being implemented K-12, in all 30 buildings, with 14,000 students.