Bullying takes place within a larger social context comprised of the relationships among students, teachers, administrators, school staff as well as the members of the larger community. These relationships contribute to the culture of the school and set the stage for the degree to which bullying situations are tolerated.

Bullying Today

Does Not Happen
Just At School

It happens on the streets of our towns, in our homes, at extracurricular activities, at camp, online, and in many other places. In order for us to accomplish real change kids, parents, school staff, community leaders, and legislators must all come together to help find solutions. Below we’ve provided many ways in which you can take action to make change, so that your community is a safe and caring place where kids can thrive.

Encourage your local school or youth group to use our Educator’s DVD and Toolkit and run their own BULLY Project throughout the school.

Check Out The Guide To The Film Bully

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Model positive behavior throughout your day by treating others with

and intervening when you see bullying behavior.