The Bully Project is a collective of people around the world who believe we can and must end bullying in our generation. Our movement is simple: it is led by each and every one who is ready to take a stand.

On our website you will find tools and ideas, much of which is generated by users like you every day. Think of this site as your roadmap to building safe and supportive schools around the world: the more you share, the more people you inspire and reach, and the bigger our movement grows.

This is where everyone starts. As soon as you take the pledge and sign up, you'll receive your first badge: "The Upstander."

At this level we invite you to start learning. Read and share our resources for parents, students, educators, and advocates. Participate in a conference call or attend a nearby screening of the BULLY film. As you take more actions, you'll earn more badges and soon you all be on the road to leadership.

As well as earning badges, you can do the following things to help grow the movement:

Like the Bully Project on Facebook & share our posts to your network.

Follow the Bully Project on Twitter & retweet our posts.

Share stories, videos, and ideas from our site

Take the pledge & join the movement from the homepage or sign up here.

Are you a school principal? Take the principal's pledge to earn your fearless leader badge.

Attend a screening of BULLY and earn the A-lister badge.

RSVP to join a training conference call with the Bully team and director Lee Hirsch.

Level 2 community members have taken action and helped grow the movement. 

There are many activities that will help you gain confidence and feel connected, and you can begin by trying out the ideas and strategies found on our resource pages. You can also share your personal story and, perhaps more importantly, start telling others you know at work, at home, and online.

You can also feel confident in responding to other peoples ideas and stories: the more love and energy you give, the more you'll get in return. Consider coming every day to show some love to the many people who are sharing their powerful personal stories and projects.  

We want you to feel confident in your advocacy and these are great ways to test the waters, and soon you'll be ready to take on even more. Don't forget to join your nearest BULLY Project regional group to be in communication with people in real time.

Show your support with the Bully gear or get the Educator's DVD Toolkit at the Bully Shop

Connect your twitter & facebook accounts and discover who else is in your BULLY Project network to earn the Networker badge.

Get educated about cyberbullying by taking our cyberbullying survey .

Open up to our community and share your story about bullying.

Share a personal video about bullying and earn the Camera Happy badge.

    As well as earning badges, you can do the following things to help build a community:
  • Show some love on stories and videos.
  • Read about ideas & suggestions for Bully Projects and tag them.
  • Read through ideas & suggestions for Bully Projects and add to them.

Level 3 is where you start to take real world action. You can host a screening or event, take on a leadership role in your community by building a network of support, or start your own BULLY Project (after all, remember that it's YOU leading this movement).

The possibilities are endless. On a daily basis we inspire each other to keep going, to push a little harder, and turn that next corner. Thats what leadership is all about.

Suggest a project for The Bully Project community to earn the Gamechanger badge.

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