Facebook Won't remove defamation posts about me

I have tried over 15 times to get Facebook to remove theses posts about me. Next step is going to the courthouse and having them indicted along with the person that wrote them. I do not have diseases or Std/STI's and I do have my teeth.

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Be Yourself and Keep on Moving

Even though it may seem like a good thing to fit in that may not always be the best.  Fitting in tends to lead to doing something to you will regret.  It draws in people who are not good for you to hang around.  It may be hard to find people that are like you in many ways but there is always someone.  The best thing about being yourself is that you can be happy without the fear of judgement.  No one should have to fit in to be happy, I certainly never did and that to me is alright.  Don't hang out with people who hold you back.  Find people you can be comfortable with they are the best people.  Here is a tip about life It Goes On don't stop writing your life story because you hit a roadblock add it in and make it chapter worth remembering 'cause no else can write your story the way you want it that is your choice.  The best thing to do when you're stuck is to turn the page you can't move on til you do.  So in all be yourself pick the people that can give you a purpose and keeping moving don't stop.


Sorry for rambling I do that sometimes. :)

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Never give in.

All through out grade school I was bullied and picked on by everyone in my class. I attended the french immersion program at my school and every year my class had all the same students in it. All the kids in my classes grow up together and we were all very close and knew each other fairly well....even with that said I was always the brunt of the class, there was always some reason the other students picked on me for. The main reason was because I was dyslexic and had a hard time reading and writing...but if they were not making fun of me for that it was because my hair was to blonde....or long...I had to many freckles...my clothes were to colorful...anything they could...they would.

The one thing that helped me get through the days was that I had very supportive parents that always made me feel that no matter everyone else said I was perfectly made just the way I was. My parents taught me to just roll with the punches and laugh it off but never to let them walk all over me. I would go to school and laugh with everyone else when they would make fun of me, sometimes I would joke about myself, but I would never let them see how much they hurt me. One day I realized that I was amazing just the way I was. I had a wonderful friend that lived on my street, my parents always supported me and loved me no matter what. Once I realized that, I was never offend again and slowly and slowly the jokes and the bullying went away.

Never give in to people and their judgement or opinion on you and always remember that "those how mind don't matter and those how matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss.

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When did the Bullying Start

For me it started right around kindergarden.  I had a bad temper, as well as, ADHD and because of those two I got picked on repeatedly.  I had told the teachers what was going on, but they didn't do anything to stop it simply because they didn't see it happen.  when I finally had enough I started to fight back and it was usually me that got in trouble for acting out.  So my parents pulled me out for a few years and tried homeschooling, but everywhere I went trouble would always follow.  After homeschoolling stopped I was put back in public schooling even though I got in trouble literally all the time I finally started to have some control over my anger around 6th or 7th grade and through all that I had been I proved people wrong about who I was and I even made an impression with all the teachers that got the chance to have me in class.  The ones who had a chance to see me in high school were happy to see how far I made it and that I turned into a good kid after all.  While I may still be kinda young I can say that bullying had helped me in a way.  It had helped me get control over my temper and showed me how a world even if it is full of hate there is always good, because there cannot be good without hardship and that you have to work to see happiness and that you have to fall a few times to see what you are made of and to see who your true friends are.  In all I can say that even when I'm at my lowest I still have friends that care for me and love me and for that I am ever grateful for them.  Even though bullying has importance in showing how mean this world can be it needs to be stopped I don't want kids ending up like me.  Now as I go through high school I learn that it isn't important anymore to fit in, because those friends that you make may not stick with you.  I have learned that the best people to have as friends are the ones who are the oddballs and misfits simply because they are the one that will try the hardest to make you smile.  The friends I have now will most likely stick by my side no matter where they go and I love them all very dearly.  I like being an oddball and a misfit that stands out more than I fit in, for no one wants to be normal forever.

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The Reason I Switched

So it's my eight grade year and i've been going to this school for three years now and people just now start picking and teasing on me

i was threatened to be jumped actually me and my cousin and that was at Parkway Montessori & Community Middle School 

The only reason for this is because they are now allowing juvenile students to go there so there pretty much dumping all the bad kids with records off there

I now attend Laura Jeffery Academy (LJA) i am doing much better  but i miss all of my friends a lot i've cried a lot but i should be fine now that im in a safer environment

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The Princess and The Kingdom of Creatures

Once upon a time, there lived a little princess. this little princess was a very quiet child. She stayed to herself and never caused nor wanted to bring harm upon anyone. She would wake up for school everyday, kiss her mother, the queen, who was and still is, her best friend and head off to the royal kingdom. But everyday, she dreaded attending this kingdom.


It was filled with witches, warlocks, cyclops, dragons. All these evil scary things that would attack her whenever she would enter. In there, she did not feel like a princess, she hung her head low, eyes stuck to the ground with her beloved books clutched to her chest. As she would walk passed these awful creatures, they would knock her beautiful crown off her head.  They would shout " YOU ARE NO PRINCESS! YOU SMELL! YOU ARE UGLY!"  Instead of sitting in front of the class, she would sit way in the back. Alone. After all, the creatures told her, she smelled horrible. And called her "gay, lesbian" or "she had AIDS"  and no one wanted to be near the kind princess.

After lunch, she sat at a table all by hear lonesome and watched as the creatures devoured her lunch that the queen made for her.

In the bathroom, the girl creatures cornered her, and threw tissue at her, popped her princess bra and laughed and called her gay.

In her class, she was told the most beautiful prince liked her and that she should go speak to him, but when she did....he called her stupid and fat and that no man will ever love her.

The princess lowered her head and retreated back to her seat and cried.

The creatures all watched and laughed.

No one will ever like me. What did I do to deserve this? I haven't done anything wrong, I don't understand. I'm a nice person, why do they hate me? The princess asked herself these things over and over and over again. What did she do? She did nothing but come to the kingdom to learn and make new friends.

No one wanted to be her friend, no one cared. Till one faithful day, the Princess had grown into a beautiful blossoming young lady when she encountered one of the creautres, that was apart of those that tomented her in her past.

" Princess Arabella." he said, bowing to her. This took the princess by surprise, she never remembered him being this kind to her when they were younger. Standing up straight, the princess smiles "Sir Jason, why are you bowing to me now? You never bowed to me in the kingdom, why must you start now?"

Standing upright, Sir Jason, lowers his eyes and states " Princess Arabella, I am sorry for the actions I bestowed upon you when we were younger. Actually, a lot of us are. You see, we all really liked you. I, myself, was very fond of you. I found myself crushing on you, as did a lot of the young creatures. But we followed suit of the high witch of the court who was quite jealous of you. We did not wish to receive the same treatment as you, so we particapted."

The Princess was taken off guard, they all really liked her? But because of one person, they made fun of her because of one girls insecurities and jealousy. From that day forward, the Princess has recived apologies from all the creatures that had caused her pain, expect the head witch. But Princess Arabella doesn't need her to say she is sorry, for the princess has already forgiven her. She now protects those who can not protect themselves. From Princess Arabella to all the little princesses out there, hold you head up high, straighten your crown and do not let anyone knock it off of you. You are a princess. And you will always be one.

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My journey

I have always lived a college town with quite a lot of people. In fifth grade I was a chubby kid and my classmates started to bully me. I got called names assorted from ugly, fat, to witch. It hurt me pretty badly and made me terrified to make the switch to middle school. 6th grade I got made fun of for being in our school talent show. I danced to the song grenade by Bruno Mars. Everyone would come up to me and start singing the song making fun of my performance. My years in middle school just kept getting worse. I started developing bad habits and my mental health was declining. I got called things like piggy. In the talent show I sang a song called mean girls against bullying. Once I got to high school the bullying mostly stopped except for online and I put sticky notes around my school saying nice things. That's my journey through bullying.
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The Hearing Aid Kid's Story

The hearing aid kid is me.

 So, this story's gonna start out pretty casually. I was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma to a military family. I was raised primarily in Oklahoma before we had to move to Kentucky when I was 4 years old. We moved to Fort Knox, and I was put into preschool, and then Kindergarten. Just so you know, Kindergarten is the grade that everything went down. I began walking around, "ignoring" the teacher when she says to sit down, not doing assignments, not following the rules, etc. Something told my mother that I needed a hearing test, and I ended up getting one and they found out I have reverse slope hearing loss- a type of hearing loss where I lose my lower frequencies. I was fitted with (cool) hearing aids, and I went on up to first grade. However, in first grade, this is where everything started. A kid named Michael began mocking me for my (rather large) hearing aids, glasses, and love of paleontology. This escalated and quickly led to all-out brawls and my friends turning on me.

  As they do say, your past can shape your future. I moved on up to second grade, where the bullying stopped temporarily and my family moved to Vail, Arizona. There, I attended school and.. well, was bullied because of my hearing aids. I had a few friends of course, but they did nothing to stop the bullies, who mocked me (and gave me my preferred name, "Cyborg"), teased me, pushed me around- all right in front of the teachers, who did nothing to stop it. This went on all the way to 4th grade- where I attempted to be the class clown, but got shoved down to the bottom by the bullies. Eventually, I moved schools, and I was happy. I had tons of friends, good grades and- then another bully popped up, and stole my best friend, and proceeded to mock me for my weight (I eat when I'm bored and sad), glasses, and hearing aids.

  After the drama in Arizona, my family moved to Florida. Of course, the bullying ALWAYS gets worse here. I was put into 5th grade at an elementary school where I learned of the daily drama going on. During my time in Florida, my dad had to deploy to Afghanistan, giving me the feeling that I was alone and isolated. My dad kept me sane and kept me going, as did my mother, but when I lost that, I fell apart. I occasionally got frustrated and broke down into tears, which of course I got bullied for, and would ask if I could be left alone. I only had a couple of friends there, but they were good ones. However, their lack of attempting to stop them DISTURBED ME... (sorry for the reference)

  Eventually, I graduated Elementary and I was moved to Middle School. However, I did not go to a public school- rather, I went to a small private school. There, I got friends, made fiends, and eventually came out as the "cool kid". However, I did not bully anybody, but I jokingly called them a mock name or two. (Note: Literally everybody was my friend. There was only 60 kids in that school.) I graduated 6th grade, interested in space, NASA, and a mission to Mars. But I was moved to another school. (*gunshot*)

  Of course, I was moved directly into what I call "Hell", which is also known as 7th grade. There, I learned of all of the recent memes (eg. Deez Nuts, What are Those, John Cena, and Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf). Of course I had no idea what those were, but I went with the wind and tried to be myself. However, myself talks a lot, talks loudly, jokes a lot, and won't shut up, so nobody likes me, and nobody likes the way I look either. So I get bullied for those reasons, forcing me to attempt (ATTEMPT) to be someone else, which I ultimately failed. My depression caught up to me, leading to horrific thoughts and images displayed in my mind, accompanied with low self esteem and staring-into-space sessions. As the depression deteriorated, it eventually stopped when I made friends with the best friends ever, and I fought back the bullies and started a group project; the United Children for a Brighter Future (UCBF), a group dedicated to well.. a brighter future for all of us. We plan on starting Operation Blood Moon soon, which is an anti-bullying movement that will (hopefully) inspire others to do the same at their schools.

  See, even if you think that you have it bad, it will eventually subside. Don't despair- it will be all over soon, and you can proceed on to your goals, and achieve whatever it is that you desire to do. You can trust me and your friends, and if not your friends, your parents, teachers. You can talk to anybody about the bully, and they will tell a superior about that bully and they will make the bully stop. So please- don't worry. If you are being bullied, just tell them to stop, or tell a superior.

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my story

I moved to a new neighborhood when I was 8.. I was the shy kid and I didnt have friends.. I met some people that I thought was pretty cool. I started hanging out with them for a while. But then they turned on me.. They started bullying me.. They called me names like ugly, fat cow, and every cuss word in the book. They would beat me up in the backyard everyday. But then they all moved. I was now 10 and I was on 5th grade. This girl spread lots of rumors about me to the whole school saying I was mean but I wasnt. It got so bad that I wrote a note in my journal saying I wanted to die. But it all stopped until I was in sixth grade.. I met this boy. I would never talk to him. Like never talk to him. He started being mean to me then. It got so bad that I was afraid 😨 to come to school. But then the uear ended and now that brings it to now. Im in seventh grade now and I'm 12. The bullying got worse. It got so worse today that I cut myself with my own pencil. I couldn't take it anymore. But I hope itll get better, I just hope..
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Beyond Bullying

I'm sharing my daughter's story.

When she was in the third grade she made friends with another girl. One day, the girl asked her to be her girlfriend and my daughter said, "I'm too little for that, Silly!" That was apparently the trigger to set that girl monster off. She slapped my daughter in the face in a rage and began a campaign of bullying that started with name-calling. My daughter was called things that no 8 year old girl should even know, especially one who was from an upper-middle class family. It didn't take long for the bullying to become physical. This monster would hunt my daughter down at recess and drag her out of sight of the teachers, and beat her up.

After forcing my daughter to ask to go to the bathroom, she then did the unthinkable and sexually assaulted her. This, along with the sadistic physical torture, stabbing, choking, and threatening to kill her if she ever told, went on almost every day for a year.

We didn't know what was happening. The physical signs we saw and personality changes made no sense because she steadfastly denied being bullied, out of fear of retribution.

Fast forward 5 years, our honor roll student began to develop severe anxiety and panic attacks. Her condition deteriorated until we had to bring her to the hospital, where she spent the next three weeks. When she left, she was diagnosed with PTSD, and was now disabled. We made arrangements for her to be in the hospital homebound program for school. This was when we finally learned about the physical and sexual assaults.

All I know for sure about why that child did what she did, was that she was acting out things she saw on the internet with the Slender Man meme. Beyond that, I don't know. I contacted my daughter's teacher from that year and she confirmed that a few students had told her something was happening, but in her words, "I could never catch her in the act." We were never told of her suspicions, but it would have alerted us to why she had bruises, and why our once confident and happy child was now painfully shy and moody.

This should never have happened. The school needs to be held accountable, and that child predator needs to be locked away. Instead, she is free of all punishment because she was too young to charge criminally. Meanwhile, my beautiful, kind, smart daughter is living in unbearable pain.

I will never stop sharing our story- this is just the beginning. Things need to change.




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