• Sheldon H. Horowitz, Ed.D, Director of Learning Disabilities Resources, National Center for Learning Disabilities, and an expert on parenting children with special needs
  • Connie Anderson, Ph.D, Community Scientific Liasion for the Interactive Autism Network
  • Dr. Robyn Silverman, child and teen development specialist, and frequent expert appearing on national television shows including Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Anderson
  • Marlo Thomas, actress and spokesperson for children whose landmark Free to Be…You and Me inspired a generation
  • Amy McCready, parenting expert, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, and the author of a bestselling parenting book
  • Haley Kilpatrick, founder executive director of Girl Talk, a national nonprofit organization through which high-school girls mentor younger girls through the middle school transition
  • James Wendorf, executive director of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, and an advisor to a variety of education organizations dedicated to improving the educational opportunities for children with learning disabilities
  • Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers in New York City, and an advocate for parental involvement in the classroom
  • Randi Weingarten, president of American Federation of Teachers, representing 1.5 million teachers, administrators, and other school personnel nationally
  • Mike Honda, U.S. Congressman (D-CA) and anti-bullying advocate, whose childhood experience in a Japanese internment camp inspired a life of public service and a commitment to combat discrimination and bullying
  • Rosalind Wiseman, columnist, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, and an expert on parenting, bullying and children’s social dynamics
  • Dr. Edward F. Dragan, founder of Education Management Consulting, which provides expert witness services and consultation to parents and schools in matters dealing with bullying, school accidents, and other school liability issues
  • Peter Sheras, Ph.D, clinical psychologist and professor of education at the University of Virginia, author of many articles and books on juvenile violence, parenting, and adolescent behavior
  • Joe Pantoliano, actor and founder of No Kidding, Me Too!, who struggled with learning disabilities and mental illness throughout his childhood and career