You Think It's Cool

I was bullying in 8th grade. I had a group of friends who I hung out with, well one day they just turned against me. I didn't know why, they just stopped talking to me, they wouldn't let me sit with them at lunch, they followed me from school and call me names, and spread rumors about me. I felt alone, helpless and friendless. I finally went to my mom about it, she helped me through it, she even told the principle and even the local police after the following me home, calling me names incident. Even when I would ask why they hated me, they would not tell me why. I couldn't wait to move schools and start all over. Our school guidance counselor found out about the problem and had a sit down with all of us, they finally explained and said I was talking badly about one of them to someone. Which was a complete lie because they were my best friends, I don't remember a time I did speak badly about any of them. After talking, we cleared the air but we never remained friends. I moved to Florida because my dad got orders to and I started over. It felt good starting over. Being verbally bullied made me a better person, it taught me not to treat anyone badly or hurt them. It taught me to be forward about what I feel and it also brought me closer to my mom. She's my best friend to this day. I'm a singer/songwriter. I ended up writing a song called "You Think It's Cool" an anti-bullying anthem. Bullying is not cool and it is a real thing that does happen. This is my music video to the song,

I hope you like it :

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