Worst Years Of My Life

 I'm new to this. So I guess I just share my story.

Hi, Im Alexis. To start off I was bullied in 7&8th grade. It started in 6th by just random times of being picked on. I let it go cause I didn't think much of it. 7th grade started and my classmates would look at me and say "oh her" "she's in our class" small stuff like that. The beginning of the year wasn't too bad. Then the winter happened. I had to have surgery on my hip which ment cursing crutches for 6-8 weeks. Everyone thought I was faking it. This one girl actually said she was going to push me down the stairs whenever she was behind me. I had to beg people to carry my books because obviously I couldn't carry them myself. After that ended, I started to get called names. Slut, whore, easy, bitch, worthless, and a whole lot more. All the girls at that school were fake. Used me for my stuff. It all happened through the rest of the year. 8th grade. Woohoo right? The kids are still the same. they didn't want me at all. I remember walking into that door of the building being just scared. Terrified actually. Everyone would just look at me say go home don't come to school. They would call me stupid. So I've missed a lot of school between 7th and 8th grade. No one can really understand what I've been through. My principle even said "just put on a fake smile" he didn't care that I was getting blamed for everything or that the kids didn't even want me to be There. Honestly there is no words to explain how horrible those years were. I have so many things to say and I can't get the words out of my mouth. Anyway. I'm Alexis and I AM Someone.

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