Words Hurt but you can change what is said.

Words hurt but you can change what is said.

I was bullied non-stop when I was in middle school, I was called fat, ugly, stupid, and everything that middle school kids come up with. Everyday that I walked into the gates of my middle school I felt that I was laughed at and teased I loved to learn so I always sat at the front of my class but that quickly became a problem, from behind me I heard laughing and talking now because i was bullied and laughed at and pushed around I always thought that the kids were laughing at me. I was Picked on for being different and standing outside of the crowd, I had a short hair cut and looked like a boy(I'm a girl) so all the girls thought I was weird just because of the hair cut I had, I never wanted to go to school I was always absent and now I struggle because of it, I never told my mom or my grandparents because I didn't want them to think that I was weird or stupid like the kids told me I was. I'm really happy now as a freshmen in high school but the reason is someone stuck up for me. The person who did was a older girl she showed me that if you have a voice you should use it to speak out and stop the kids who are making fun if you speak out for yourself then you can change things, I learned that if more people used there voice then we could stop bulling. Things get better don't let things get pushed to the side and hushed use the voice that god gave you! Let's make the bully project so big that people can't push it to the side anymore!!

-Diana Lugo



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