Words Hurt

I started getting bullied when I was in fourth grade. I was new to the school and I didn't know anyone. People started calling me gay and fat, and what seemed to be a million other mean names. What really upset me the most was that no one even knew who I was. They never took the time to get to know me. Whenever I told the teachers or the principles they would say "I will talk to them and get them to stop", but it never stopped.

When I was in seventh grade I began to self harm. I started to believe all the things that people said about me. Because I was at such a young age in my life I didn't know if this was how the rest of my life was going to play out. 

One day a teacher saw my arm when I was raising my hand to answer a question in class and told me to come talk to her in the hall. She pointed out my arm and asked me why I wasn't telling anyone about this. The truth was, I was telling people about this. I told my teachers when people called me a names and picked on me. I even went to the office several times to talk to the principle directly about it. But nothing was changing. The officials at the school would only talk to the students, as if that would stop them from harassing me. It would stop them from saying it to my face, but not behind my back. 

Today I am a freshman in High School. Throughout the years of being bullied, I have learned to ignore the people who don't say nice things. People still say rude and disgusting things about me, but with the help of my friends and family I am able to go through life happy. 

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