Without what I went through, I wouldn't be on the path I am now.

During my years in school I had a terrible time. I did get bullied. I had stuff stolen, broken on purpose, had my hair set on fire, had girls rub chewing gum in my hair, was called names, had hate websites set up about me, and what my mum considers to be serious emotional abuse. We tried reporting it to my school and my mother was told that I was too sensitive. I spent years considering whether I should kill myself to end the relentless hurt that I had to endure every day by force because I had to go to school, or whether it was wrong or right to go in and kill someone else. Eventually high school ended and I haven't seen those people since.

Since then my life has still been a little messed up and my mum says it is directly linked to my mistrust of people, even those like me and my want to have people like me. Now I have found my vocation in life, my absolute passion that drives me to get up out of bed every day. I study psychology, and I am currently conducting a long study on homicidal children. I wish to go to University this year and continue psychology, complete a masters and a doctorate and become a clinical psychologist for children that have been bullied or abused, or those that have commited homicide as children, simply because I wish to help those in absolute desperation, while they are only children that cannot understand or rationalize the hurt that the world can bestow upon them. Without the experiences that happened to me, I would not have this passion and to me, would be doing something that I would not have the same amount of determination and passion for. However, I wish nobody to have to be bullied in high school, as this now engulfs my life with every action I have taken since.

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