Hi, my name is Maya. I don't know why I was bullied. I definitely thought about suicide. But I thought I'm not giving up. I'm not going to name names but I will tell the story.

I used to be "friends" with a group of, well, not the nicest people. Truthfully, when they were bullying people. I was afraid if I stood up for  someone I would be bullied. One day enough was enough. I stood up for 1 person, they thought it was like betrayal, and then started bullying me. For 3 whole years I tried. "stop" "Don't" "just leave me alone." Mental bullying, cyber bullying, then finally physical bullying. I told family and teachers. They weren't much help. Everyday my question was "WHY". Until the final year. I stood up for myself and took all of them down 1 by 1 just with my "Silent" voice. Until there was 1 left standing. Their, what students call their ,"Leader". I stood up for me and everyone. I was tired, beaten, and tortured. I was done. So I said " If you want to be mad go punch your pillow because I'm done. I am finished with your 'PLAY FIGHTING'. I'm sick and tired of YOU thinking you can just bully me and everyone else." Then I just walked. Then she said "I'm sorry. Can we be friends." like she did a million times. My final answer "No."

So to all the kids who ask "WHY", Have hope because your strength that you don't now about is waiting for you to use. All you got to do is dig deep and find it. Easier said then done? I know but it's up 2 u 2 make the difference!

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