What's It got to do with me?

It began when I was in the 2nd grade. I lived in Texas at the time and my parents had just split up, We, My brother my dad and I, were doing fine until out of nowhere my dad finds himself engaged to this woman who has 7 kids. I met her daughters first and they immediately took a disliking to me; They called me names, told me that they were going to take my daddy for themselves and that their mom was going to take his money and get rid of my brother and I.

They married after my new little brother was born and I was sent to move in with my aunt, the night before she came to get me, I had taken a nap and when I woke up I found that all my hair had been cut to my chin and it had been down my back, I was in 5th grade.

It had been hard making friends when I started school that year, I had Out of date clothes and every one ''thought'' I was a boy, I didn't wear make up, I couldn't do anything with my hair because it was so short. They began to call me by guy pronouns, they thought I might have been A lesbian because I ''Looked the part.'' I would escape to the Library because They would spit in my food and throw things at me. One girl even threw her chocolate milk all over my new jacket. I always pretended to be sick, I wouldn't do my work, I would hide in the closet so that my grandmother wouldn't send me off.

I made another friend that year, Another victim of bullying. It was only because he had a large behind. he was so nice and Sweet, but eventually the bullying got so bad for him he had to move. And i was completely alone again, I was so happy for the school year to end.

In 6th grade I moved back in with my dad because I was labeled as an 'Emotional mess' By my aunts and grandma and they didn't want to deal with me. My hair began to touch my shoulders and I could now put pretty bows in it... But that didn't matter to anyone, we had to wear uniforms and my Step-mom,Who was now pregnant again, Kept buying my clothes from the boy's section. Everyone thought I was flat and they kept hiding my bras and deodorant. My first friend at that school, Whos name is zoey, was nice to me and treated me fairly. She lived right around the corner from me and I always found myself at her house. My step mom would keep me from going to her house  because she made me babysit her younger children, and her oldest daughters my older 'step sisters' would make me do things as well.

They told their friends that came over to stay away from me. They told their mom's friends that since I was a Harry Potter fan that I liked to ''Stay up all night practicing witchcraft. And would chant incantations to myself.'' Their friends would go to school and tell their other friends. I was called ''Freak,Vampire, Weirdo,Dyke.'' and rude things alike. I was shoved into lockers and dubbed ''goth'' because all my uniforms and school supplies would be black and gray. I tried telling dad but he ignored it and told me it was just phase. He would be proven wrong later on. on winter break when I was In the 7th grade we went to Missouri for Christmas because that's where my dad's wife was from. it was a long,Long ride that I didn't enjoy very much. It was different when I got there. Nobody liked me. Not the cousins or the aunts or uncles I sprained my ankle when they pushed me off of the trampoline. Her aunt thought it was the most hilarious thing they'd ever saw, Dad bought me a cheap brace and I had to crawl on the hardwood floor of their home. They would wake me up for breakfast and her other cousins drew on me when I was sleeping and they spray me with silly string My dad and the younger ones stayed in a hotel and I slept on the floor of the home.

7th grade was the highlight of things, It was 5 months after my newest baby brother was born,Zion. My step mom would party her butt off and not care we had to take care of the baby.Well I did anyway. One day one of my older step sisters, The oldest one. was feeding the baby and told me to clean up the formula she had spilled on the counter. by now the baby had been sleeping and she could do it herself. So I told her no. She got really angry and she dragged me to the kitchen to make me clean it up. The other kids came down and she had quite the audience. I cleaned up the mess and tried going upstairs to my room She pulled me back down the stairs by my ankle And I broke the railing when I grabbed onto it for support. She dragged me back upstairs and she told her brothers and sisters to tear my posters and pictures off my walls and to push my vanity to the floor. They started to rip pages out of my journals and I charged, They were bigger than me and I got pushed into a wall, which fractured my shoulder because I went through the wall. My dad came home with his wife from their shopping trip and I got lectured for causing problems I wasn't allowed to eat dinner with them that day and had to clean the whole kitchen by myself. I ran away that night. But dad found me and brought me back home. I found hope in tennis. I would go to the feild and play by myself by hitting the ball against the wall with a racket. My siblings found me and their mom would bring her kids to play,too. I remember when I was playing I heard my name being called And when I turned around I got smacked in the face with a tennis ball hit by one of my classmates, They dropped to the floor and rolled with laughter,And so did my stepmom. That summer I tried to run away again.I dropped out of that school year and went to live with me aunt, who again ''couldn't handle it'' and sent me to live with my alcoholic mother. I was never really in the house,But I was back in school where I found some old friends.  It's funny, I actually stood up for myself and others and 'Came out of the closet' I didnt mind what people were saying because I couldn't change that. But I never got picked on again and Daddy got a divorce. I didn't go back to live with him until my freshman year,This year,Because I knew i'd be just fine. I guessed.

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