What did I do?

I remember when I use to have a close friend, and we were really close and a new girl came to our school, and she hung out with us once and she seemed pretty cool. She stopped, and she hung out with these other girls, and a couple of weeks later they started telling her that they didn't want to hangout with her because of all the drama she caused. My friend and I didn't know if she was like that or not, and we let her hangout with us.. A few weeks later, she started drama with us. We didn't want to be rude and tell her, " We don't want to hangout with you anymore. " We just let it go, thinking it would get better. 

We were for sure wrong, I went to my friends house for the night and me and her would joke around and all that stuff, like normal pre teens would do.. I didn't stay over night because I got sick, and I didn't want to be there while I was sick, so I went home. 

On the Monday, it was school, and the girl who was causing all the drama told me to stay away from them, I was a horrible friend all that stuff. So I stayed away that whole week thinking everything would soon get better. I was wrong. 

The girl, who started everything was named Kendra. Kendra thought she was better then everyone else because she ran marathons and here's me. A chubby girl who can't run that much without getting out of breath. She started making fun of me. Everytime I would walk into the classroom she'd yell " Ew " or say something under her breath and stare at me. She'd always come up to me at school and corner me, making me so nervous. I told my Mom knowing it was the right thing to do.. But in a way, it wasn't.

My Mom voulenteered to watch the Kindergarten kids at lunch, and supervise my Classroom. Kendra found out. That day, she followed me into the school and screamed at me. I knew that Kendra didn't have an amazing life as everyone thought and I yelled at her back saying, "AT LEAST MY MOTHER CARES ABOUT ME!" Making Kendra cry. I obviously felt bad, but in a way I didn't because she would do the same to me. 

While my Mom was at the school Kendra still did the same thing, saying stuff about me staring at me, and when ever I tried to make a friend, she'd go over to them tell them I was a lesbian and that they shouldn't hangout with me. By that time, I had no one.. I went home crying all the time knowing that I didn't want to go to school anymore. I'd fake sick just to stay home. 

I went to the Principals and teachers about my problem, and they didn't do anything.. The teacher I had didn't like me, and we had a supply Principal because mine was having health issues. 

Kendra would have everyone nag on me, try to make me feel bad all the things I hated. She'd call me fat, greasy, ugly. Everything that made me believe it. 

After all of those issues. I started singing. It made me feel better about myself and I wrote my feelings that turned into songs. I still sing to this day. 

The bullying went away and no one wanted to be her friend. My friend who was friends with me before her came back to being my friend and Kendra had no one. I felt bad. But in ways I didn't. I haven't been bullied since. 

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