Walking Across America 5,400,000 steps


My name is Richard Noble and I walked the Rainbow flag across the United States as a response to the deaths of so many who have suffered long enough from the senseless acts of bullying.

They said to me, "You're going to get killed". I said, "I'll take that chance but I am going to walk the Rainbow flag across America for all those gay kids who are bullied and all those who aren't gay for using gayness as a reason to bully-all the way across the nation". Maybe I was crazy. Actually I had spoken about doing something long enough. I have the scars on my wrists. I was a homeless gay youth in Hollywood. I felt the pain.  I was not going to let another kid go by, another day go by without doing something that yelled from the mountain tops and spoke to the Gods that SOMETHING had to be done to STOP bullying. It's been a little over a year now since I completed walking the LGBT Rainbow flag across America. I did it for you. It took 15 months to cross 10 states while wearing out 8 pairs of hiking boots. I was not killed, beat up or robbed. I spoke to schools, city councils and state and federal legislators about civil rights and equality, lots of newspapers too! It was my prayer that one day America would know I walked the Rainbow flag across its first nation....but the national media had the presidential election to cover so I was left out. I did although take every opportunity to have the Rainbow flag photographed for as many news papers across this country. You can stand up and speak out and not be a victim of bullying ever again. I did and it was so much fun. I ran with wild horses, caught my first lightening bug, slept in my tent in the desert and along rivers, held an alligator and met thousands of really cool people. It was not easy but it was fantastic. I held each and everyone victim of bullying close to my heart and I did this for you because your lives matter and the pain bullying causes is senseless.


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