Trust Me, It Gets Better From Here

It really is a lie when everyone says that high school is the best four years of your life. 

In elementary school, I was the weird kid. I was the kid who was always hyper, bouncing around, trying to fit in. I would have done any thing to be the girl that everybody wanted to be friends with, even if that meant being rude to others. 

In middle school, things weren't much better. I was constantly treated differently and I would often hear, "Oh, Kayla is too hyper. She is annoying." 

In high school I vowed to stand up for the underdogs. I finally started to grow into my energetic self and started making friends. I joined every club I could, talked to every person that I could. If I ever saw anyone that look down, I wouldn't ever hesitate to go over and ask them what was up. No matter how many times I was put down, I would get back up one more time to prove that I was stronger than them. 

When I graduated, I wasn't top of the class, or best dressed, or anything. But I was me. The real me, and that's all I ever wanted to be. But everyone cheered when I got my diploma (or so it seemed to me) because I had tried to make friends with everyone and I had done a good job. 

I would say that I was a friend to all. 

I'm moving to college soon and I know that there is only up for me. Nobody is going to stop me from taking my dream and making it real.

To anyone going through anything rough, just know you aren't alone. 


If anyone EVER wants to talk, people will be here. I will be here.

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