This is my story.

hi, i'm tulisa i am seventeen and i am from turkey.  i’m recovering  from major depressive disorder (MDD), dysthymia, anxiety, and self-harm.I was bullied. Many times. people around me, they are all like programmed to break my heart. They don’t know that I lost my sense of humour, cause i’m so insecure. People tell lies about me. People made jokes about my cuts & insecurities. Also, all boys came into my life, made me feel insecure at some point. They called me ugly, slut, bitch, hoe, shorty, idiot, dumb, useless, selfish, attention-seeker, boy-addicted and more. I’ve been called lots of names. I’ve been cyberbullied a lot of times too. In fact, it’s just so sad that even my friends made jokes about my cuts and they break my heart. They blamed me for being selfish and careless i hated it but it didn’t change anything. They still call me like this.I had only two realitionships. One of it the boy broke up with me for another pretty, beautiful, sexy and charming girl. He treated me like our realitionship was nothing. The other one called me boy-addicted and slut after our break-up. Other boys, my old crushes didn’t like me back. One of them learnt my scars, story and stuff. He promised but he left too. before I forget, I’ve learned that no one can say anything to make something better. We just have to make things better ourselves. and I don’t deserve to be walked over, I don’t deserve to be controlled by people, and I shouldn’t give a shit what people think of me. because at the end of the day it’s my world that I’m living in, not theirs. I deserve to live in my world how I want to.

you are not alone. just know that.

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