The Whole Story

Okay, I don't believe I have every told a soul, any of this. But here I go, the full story.

I grew up in a small town in Georgia, everyone knows everyone's buisness. Typical small, southern town. I grew up there with a loving family, and then randomly, my parents get divorced when i'm in 5th grade. I blamed myself at first, because I knew I cause alot of problems in the house. I was different then the rest of the family. But only me and my Mom knew, and right now, were the only two that still know.

I had to move into a small apartment with my mom and brother and sister. It was hard, because I had a new school, and i'm not exactly your Barbie looking girl... I had gained a lot of weight because my Mom had let go, she didn't care what I did. At the begining of 6th grade, I started my new school. Right away, I could tell I didn't fit in. I got called useless, FAT, and poser, FAKE. Words hurt...

I didn't do anything about it. I kept my fake smile plastered on my face, and pretended not to care about what other people said about "The Fat New Girl" . Then, one day, I was sitting out on the balcony of our tiny apartment, and my Mother told me something. She said "I know you know you're different than your brothers and sisters, and the truth is, Their Dad isn't your Dad"

That hurt, more than words can describe.

Then, my Mom got her life back together, and I started 7th grade at a brand new school. I kept to myself, and made a few friends. But then, I felt the need to become friends with the popular crowd. That made matters worse. FAKE was my new name...

Now, i'm in 9th grade, and I know this is dumb, but I used to cut... Bad. I would post stuff on twitter, hoping someone would see, and tell me to stop... These girls that used to be my friends, stop talking to me. They post stuff all over Facebook and Twitter about me. They hacked into my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and told everyone that I was a lesbian. I'm not... They cornered me in school, and forced me to fight them, I refused... Later that night I saw posts from people at different school, saying i'm weak, and a baby, and lesbian, and useless. I'm not...


I was too scared to go to school.


My Mom called the cops, and the Officer said:

"I'll put it with the other bullying reports, but we probally won't do anything about it, so don't hold your breath..."


I told the counselor, and she did everything she could, resulting in ONE of the girls getting ISS (In School Suspension). FOR ONE DAY.. One day later she came up to me, and said ISS was sooo much fun.


Now, I have new friends, but those feelings i've kept bottled up, never left. I'm glad I get to share my story with you.

Hopefully it can inspire someone else, to never give up hope...


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