The friends that I didn't have.

I made it through, so this is MY story.

You will go to school, everyday.... Hoping that today is the day everything will change.. People will finally accept you for who you are, and they want to hang out with you. But everytime, everyday you go home, already crying, or go to your room, and then start crying... It's just another disappointment. So what are you going to do now? Who will be your friend? Your teddy bear? No, I already threw him out.... Your mom? No you can't tell her everything that's happening... She will be so sad and angry at the same time, it'll break her heart....

In my case it was music, music became my best friend. At the age of 7 I got my first MP3 player, and a super cool headphone. That was the beginning of something good! I listened to music all day, it gave me the comfort I needed. It was my friend that gave me the power to hold on.

But behind that true happiness about the music, there was still this ugly truth of the bullies at school. They would still kick you under the table, make fun of you and call you things.... So I decided to stand up for myself. I asked my mom if I could go get boxing classes, and she was like 'why would you want that Bo?' and you would answer her 'Just because mom, I saw a boy who does it and he's pretty cool'. So the next week I started my classes, learned some cool stuff and felt strong, finally being able to kick some ass!!

So that's when I formed myself... Everyday a step further to a beautiful life, without the bullies.

I'd fight them off, but they just wouldn't stop..... How could I deal with this for three more years? So I started talking to my teacher.. He told me I needed to be calm and count to ten when somebody made fun of me or kicked me. I accepted his opinion and followed the orders. But I would still get kicked under the table, and nothing was said to the shitty bullies..... :(

I lived, I survived.. somehow... someway...

But in my last year in middle school... My 'friend' walked up to this slide... It was the highest point on the playground, and he just yelled across the playground 'Everybody that hates Bo, come and stand over here' and that's where it just slowly blurred out... I saw all the kids... all my 'friends' walk up to him. It was all a blurry picture from there on... eyes filled with tears.... But I fought them back... I couldn't show my weakness... So I went inside.... turned up my music.... and I survived the last months... every break eating my food on the toilet with the music on, I wouldn't turn it off until I went to sleep...

So I can honestly say: 'music really did save my life!!'

I took all this shit for about 8 years.... Now I don't take shit anymore!

I stand up for myself, it's me, my life and my choices and I will stand and I will fight for it!

So everyone who's going through some rough times, you can always talk to me! ask my Facebook or kik or anything! I'll make it for you and I'll help you get through it!


Don't you ever give up! You'll get through this!

My hero always says:  'Life will never put you through more than you can handle!' - Austin Carlile.

You are strong, you were given this life because it'll in the end make you a better person! When you learnt how to deal with it, you can help others! And if you can't deal with it there are people who will help you how to deal with it!

You just have to find the right person for you!


I love you all, you are all my friends! Don't ever forget that!

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