The Damage A Rumor Can Cause

 I used to be in the 6th grade. I can't go back to my school now because a cruel rumour changed my life...

Here's my story:

I had a falling out with one of my best friends at the beginning of 6th grade. Even though I tried to make things right, he wouldn't budge! The very next week, a rumor started going around that I was racist! Are you kidding me?!!! My cousins are bi-racial and my mom watches black kids in our home! I couldn't believe it- but everyone else did.

Later that week, I was punched in the face by one hand in a crowd of kids. I couldn't tell who the hand belonged to, so nobody got in trouble. That was just the beginning of my torment. I would get shoulder checked in the hall and called " white boy" and that same group of kids decided to pour chocolate milk into my locker. The worst of it came this past month when I was attacked in the lunchroom by a group of American black kids and then two days later I was pushed off a rail onto the concrete by a Somali!  I became a target for the black population at my school and couldn't make it stop. The following Friday, I was told by a guy from my school that the rumor is if I come back to school, somebody will shoot me! The rumor turned out to be true and someone did say it!  

Well, that did it! My parents withdrew me... Charges have been filed, expulsions have occurred and suspensions handed out, but they still can't guarantee my safety.

I do my work from home now and am not really sure what will happen next year. I WANT to go back to school and just be a normal kid! I WANT people to know how rumours can ruin a persons life, or in my case, kill people! I WANT the bullying to stop! I WANT people to take a stand against it to protect people like me! I WANT my life back :-(

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