I was a little 7th grader in middle, that really didn't like to associate with people I didn't really talk to or alot of my friends. I started to get bullied at the beginning of the school, because I didn't act a certain way, or because I dressed weirdly. I'm not fully aware why I got bullied, but there was a reason. 

All of the bullying lead me into a deep depression, which lead to cutting, suicidal thoughts, and other things. It was really bad, but I didn't have anyone I could talk to or someone that I could relate to. Things got so bad over the next couple of weeks, that I tried to commit suicide. 

No one really ever knew what was wrong with me, but they had heard that I cut and started spreading rumors about me and eventually, teachers started to find out. I really didn't like that teachers were finding out, but in reality that probably saved my life. To think that a rumor, that could possibly be true, which was spread around to teachers saved my life sounds pretty insane, but it did.

My mom eventually found out and got me help. I didn't really like having to see someone I didn't know and express my feeling to them, but in the end it was nice to know that someone was there to actually listen to me and not judge me. 


Now, I'm a freshman in high school with a completely different life. I will always be that girl, but I will be that girl that knows how to handle the situation in a healthy way. I've somewhat overcome my fear of telling people how I feel because, I know that now they are trying to help me. Not judge me and point out my flaws. That moment in my life made me a stronger person. It's made me a more wiser person that can help comfort people and lead them out of their time of darkness or depression or whatever they might be going through. But I am stronger. I no longer let people tear me down. I am me, and if you can't accept that......then it's your loss. 


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  • Ryan Knowles
    commented 2013-04-11 19:25:25 -0400
    Skylar, Thanks so much for opening up to us and sharing your story with us. It sounds like though you have been through some incredibly difficult moments, you have been able to rise above them and really seize your life and take control of it, not letting it be dictated by the childish acts of others. One of the most important parts of your story is when you speak about opening up to your teachers. It’s incredibly difficult to accept that you may need to let some of this emotion out, because when we’re young we think we are made of steel, but in fact, we’re still just learning how to be who we want to be. I think if you were able to tell your story to other kids it could have a tremendous impact. Do you think you might be able to look through some of the other stories kids your age have posted and share your support?

    All my best,

    The Bully Project Team