My name is Chontelle Kindleysides, im from Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia. 

I was bullied for 13 years. Day in and day out. 

I was bullied by my day care mum, pre-school children, from the day i hit kinderarten, to year 9. The only reason it stopped was because i had enough. I stood up for myself and told them to stop, it got worse before it got better, but eventually they gave up. 

When i was a kid, and i got picked on, it would break my heart, i didnt know what todo, do i run? do i laugh? do i say something? i started to hurt myself at the age of 7. And continued on till this day. 

I was always reaaallllllyyy tall and skinny, i was seriously like a mini model. I would get all kinds of names about my appearence. it was so painful to just stand there and lsiten, but by this time i had alreaady started to hear things, i had an imaginary friend named dot. he helped me through lot, but whenever i gotpicked on he would tell me to listen and listen carefully to what they say. it was tormenting but i had todo as i was told. 

I couldnt go anywherre without someone picking on me. i would walk around the school and would have people push me down, and kick me. I couldnt go to the toilet, no where was safe for me. 

People dont understand the consept of being bullied, its not just a bunch of name callings and someone hurt you now and then, its the physical and emotional abuse that comes with it. Its the scaring that leaves a child or teenager. I mean, it brings girls and boys to ending there own life so they didnt have to wake up in the morning and feel the way they did because of other people telling them they arent societies idea of a person.

I was a lonely girl, i never really had much to do with anyone, i was a polite girl because thats the way i was raised. Every new kid that came to the school i would instantly try to be their friend. But noone wanted me to have friends because i was the weird and feral one. 

You see, im not going to sit here and right out everything, from day to day, of me being bullied and how it affected me, because right now, i am seriously that mentally unstable that talking about it kinda gets me a little odd... 

I want to help as many kids that i can to stop bulling. It is ridiculous how kids can find someone being punished for being themselves get pushed to the ground like they are scum. Because they are not! Everyone is different and you are tought that from day one! You are tought your manners, you are tought how you should speak to someone in a polite matter. You are tought how to do a bunch of things to not be rude to someone. i dont know how some kids got 'how are you today?' into 'your a d***head'. 

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