About a year and half ago i was friends with a girl who always took off with boys and left me behind. i didn't like it so i told her no more friendship and walked away. from then on she had been stalking me and telling other people its the other way around. i had a 22 year old guy come to my house on Christmas break with the girl and he was gonna beat me up... i was 16 at the time... my mom and dad and neighbors were protecting me. When i got back to school, people were pushing me hitting me because apparently i harassed her grandfather. (really the 21 year old) i could not take it no more i ran away, far away. but called my mom cause i wanted to go home after 3 months. then i came back to school it still kept going so i took a knife.. and ended up in the hospital from there. the school was informed of all of this, but they didn't remove me from the situation until i almost ended my life. Nobody knows the truth about the situation. but i was removed from the school and i got help, apparently i'm insane. 

Why are people so cruel? We live on this planet as one, to keep it clean, healthy and happy. But, where is all the happiness? All I see is hatred and critism, selfishness, maybe even some cruel, cruel people. So many questions to be answered but nobody will ever find out the truth. Just remeber this story for your kids sake. no mother has to go through what my did, and no teen dissevers this.

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