Small Town Alaskan Bully

When I was in Jr. High School first year as a six grader in Sitka, Alaska a small fishing town of 3300 people in the 70's when I was approached by a Hugh blond hair, blue eyes, very huskie eight grader.

He has a chubby face and a very smirk looks in his face eyeing on me for something and he targeted me for a reasons I never knew to this day, he has a glaring stare in his eyes like he planning to do me some harm.

He approached me and verbally threatening to beat me up saying he is going to beat the crap out of me as soon as he sees me alone on the street; he remains repetitive repeating the words whenever he sees me in school throughout the school year.

My Jr. High School building was fairly brand new when I attended the school and I have a lot of friends who I grew up with that I pal around since kindergarten and some of them saw what this guy said to me and that was the time my friends shy away from me for a while and we got back together they wanted me to report this to the school principal but I couldn't do it.

I really took it seriously because this guy is like a complete psycho being obsessed with beating the crap out of me, there was no way I could not even put a dent into this guy even I did my best to fight back, I had absolute no experience fighting with anyone so I have no clue what the pain would be like after if I ever get beaten up and it raced through my mind a lot wondering about it.

This guy I described is like 4 times bigger and heavier than me maybe over 310 lbs. and about 6 foot tall, it's like I am up against a Hugh professional wrestler to a tiny kid with nothing but skin and bones, I ‘m 88 lbs..  My arm is like a shoe string arm not flabby or muscular but no fat on my arm just have a little bit of tiny muscle.

I am an average sixth grader small like everyone else in sixth grade, I entered a new school and it is so different kind of experience than what I learned in fifth grade in another school building in the area.

I wore a prescription glasses and a hearing aid, a behind the ear type since I was born partially deaf but barely legally deaf so I still can hear okay even without the hearing aid.

For an entire year in school I was constantly in fear every day that I am in school and even going to and from school by foot from my home and never need to be on a bus I had to be on a look out for this guy and so many times he approached me in school constantly reminding me what he is going to do using his hand gesture and other times, verbal threats.

With this in mind, I was really alone in school, reporting or talking to an adults like my parents, school teachers or any adults even my older brother was never in my mind and could not figure out why to this day why I never ask for help, I think it was very embarrassing to me to seek help from someone else.

One day I won’t forget the incident being the closest of being beaten up, that was the time I walked my dog to the school’s swimming pool outside and I was approached by this bully and his buddy who took my dog’s harness that I was holding and this guy positioned himself ready to fist fight me, I looked at him like I was surprised but I quickly grabbed my dog’s harness from his buddy and walked away fairly fast, so I was very fortunate that I wasn’t beaten-up.

The next school seasons I was in seventh grade and he is in High school in other parts of town and never had to deal with him anymore.

Now I am looking back at this and I am glad it didn’t go the way I thought it would go in being attacked by this bully.

I did found him on Facebook recently he is living in another state, he is now morbid obese and looked very old in the pictures I found, I still really don’t know what his problem to this day or why he wanted to beat me up and I have no intention of ever asking him, but perhaps that is a just profile of a bully.

I am now a retired Alaska law enforcement officer who is now working for a family owned Cable TV company in Alaska and have two grown sons living out on their own and am very happy all that it is behind me.

What I Learned from all this that this is a temporary problem, the bullying incident is a temporary problem that will go away and to some, it may not be unforgettable, I put it behind me and moved on in my life.

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