since 5th grade, school year 2005-2006

when i started to enter puberty stage, i noticed my body changing. As i experienced my first mensturation, i immediately ased my  mother. She guided me on how to take good care of myself. That was when i could not open up to some of my girl classmates at school because i belive they are not yet on that stage. I suddenly unintentionally heard them questioning why i was leaving the classroom third time in a row during our 2 hours class in eng. The next thing i know, most of them doesn't talk to me that much anymore. That was the first time that i felt so alone. I did not know how to approach people at that time. I stayed silent, ashamed of what i was becomming. Then i eventually had acnes on my face and most of it grew larger on my nose. I began going to school covering my face with a hankerchief. I could not kep on hiding it when i needed to do things at school that needed both of my hands. One of my classmates asked me "what's that on your nose?" When i told them that it was an acne, i could that he's confused and discusted by it too (as well as my other groupmates at that time). The next days past by and i've suddenly encountered two to three male classmates of mine standing in the hallway calling me "tigidigyawat" which is a very offensive term in the Philippines that is used to call a person with acnes. I was so angry that i heard it from my classmates. They seemed to enjoy from calling me that. I was also very ashamed because our other classmates heard it too. I felt that some of them felt sorry for me but most of them seems to be so amused by it. I started not talking so much to them. I only became close to a male classmate who also happens to be bullied because he was tall and very thin. His name was Paolo. He was also a friend of Rochelle who also happens to be bullied by other girls because she's fat. Both of them became my seatmates during our second grading. As i knew them better every single day, i really thought that they were really cool! ^_^ For Paolo,  I did not see any negative about him because he always recites and he's always very attentive during our science class. Rochelle has this very good writing ability and was also a fan of filipino rap songs (which was very popular back then). All of us shared our interests in science, music and friendship :) Even though we had a very tough childhood (Paolo being beaten up by his foster father, rochelle feeling incomplete because shes adopted, me to have experienced bullying from my cousin Joana) (among other issues in our lives) we kept on supporting each other and always trying our very best to be with each other especially when we feel verry sad about school. I really do hope that there will be no more innocent quetions from children when it comes to puberty. I really think that parents should always have their time with their children when they're at home. Children should be educated about the things that makes teenagers confused during their age. They should be taught how to treat others as to how they want to be treated by others too. May children also become close to their parents as they grow. May parents pass on great wisdom to their children too :) Peace and may God always bless us all ^_^

"Do to others what you want others to do unto you" Golden Rule No.1 Confucius

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