Saddness is my bestfriend

IM going to start off with an experience as a bully. I once told this girl that she looked ugly with short hair. later that day I took my toys to the orphanage and the person who opened the door was the same girl that I told was ugly. Ever since that day I learned that you never know what others are dealing with. That touched me so much that I decided to stand up for people being bullied and make sure they had a friend.

Now my experience getting bullied. The first time I was bullied was when I was in grade school I was called weird and made fun of because I had glasses. It didn't really bother me till middle school when I moved with my dad. He would call me names. he would let his kids call me weird and just be rude to me. His wife would hit me, trip me slap me, anything you could think of she did. I would go to school and no one would talk to me once again id hear"your weird" and "your not normal".

I finally moved again to live with my grandparents, by this time I was starting my freshman year in high school. nothing really happened then. it started  sophomore year. my ex boy friend called me ugly told everyone I was pregnant hed call me a slut. There were these girls who would push me in the halls, call me a slut and spread nasty rumors. that same ex does anything in his power to tell me to kill myself tells me "no one likes you not even your parents want you". your just a slut. its been 2 years and he still calls me or texts me to tell me those things.

I no longer let the bullies get to me. the thing that gets me through this pain is helping others and making them happy and proud to be themselves. that makes me happy. Making someone feel loved and happy is how I get through everything. Never let go of who you are. you are beautiful and you were put on this earth for a reason. be who you want to be and enjoy life. ITS OK TO BE "DIFFERENT".

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