Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine- Hey, my name is Rachel. I am 19 years old and i am a Graduate of Murray County High School (class of 2014). I was bullied my entire school life, from 5th grade to 12th grade. It was for a heartless and unforgivable reason. I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that caused tumors to grow on the inside and outside of my body. I missed a lot of school, I had to lie to my friends so no one would know about it, I just wanted a normal life... things went ok until a month later.... I missed one day of school for a CT scan and some blood work... i came back and noticed everyone staring at me. they started to whisper to others and they started pointing at me. I would start to talk to my friends and they would back away from me and laugh. I was confused at first. later in the week, it got worse. I was called Freak, Cancer girl, Outcast. i was told that i needed to "Hurry up and die." it got to the point where i had to miss school for a day or two due to the bullying problem being so bad. I thought reporting the issue would help... but it just made it worse. I was gained up on in the girl's bathroom, i was chased down the hall, i was cornered in the gym by boys. 

It was a complete nightmare. I lost sleep, i didnt eat, i cried myself to sleep almost every night. I was close to suicide. Until i fell on my knees and i prayed hard. I prayed for god to help me and stop the neverending misery.


Over the next week things got a little better. the bullies didnt disappear but they stopped spreading rumors. New friends that didnt care about my situation came up and they fought with me through the rough times. I started to feel stronger and happier. I found a song my favorite band wrote. Its Called Rise & Shine- Blood on The Dance Floor. I watched the music video and felt better. It made me want to rise up and shine against bullying.

Murray County High School has a bullying policy but they don't do anything to help the students that are being bullied.

I sit here and type this as a hope to reach someone. Take my stroy and read it to you kids or students. Tell them that they are not alone. they will never be alone. 

I want my voice to be heard....

I made it to graduation and everything stopped... but the emotional scars remain. I know some kids weren't so lucky as me and their families remain in my prayers.

Don't let the situation get out of hand. Rise & Shine against it.

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