Restraining Order Against Anti-Bully-Children's Behavior Coach & Author Gordon Myers

While we feel sorry for Gordon Myers, and realize that he is incapable of seeing how his behavior is erratic, irrational, and even humiliating to his own public image, we will not let him bully or extort us as he has confessed doing to so many others who crossed his path at the wrong time.  Gordon Myers came at us like a steam roller, wanted to meet immediately, wanted to have his image cleaned up, hired us to do that, and after he paid us only to write two glowing media documents about he and his work, for going  above and beyond what he paid us to do, this is the way he thanks us.
Not only can anyone see that we have completely fulfilled on our contract with Gordon Myers by providing him with the two professionally written Media foundation documents (which were all that he agreed to pay us $600 to do) the one Press Release, and one Story About Gordon's Company, added to this, we spent countless time advising Gordon on websites, reviewing ideas he would email and responding to them, we advised on upgrades, image, new photos, documents, three in person two hour meetings, and a  demand from Gordon for a fourth two hour meeting, and over 40 phone calls and emails in just three short weeks, and as a show of added good faith we gave Gordon Myers an additional 12+ hours of PR guidance (which has a billable rate of $150 per hour). 
We did all of the above, which more than completed our contract with Gordon, and gave him much more for his money than he could pay for. 
Regardless of the fact that Gordon could not make up his mind about how he wanted the public to view him and had us make some 10 edits on Both Media Documents when he knew his nominal fee of $600 only covered two rounds of edits per document.
Low and behold, in a moment of sheer clarity, Gordon told us that both documents were very well written and that we had done a great job.  We thought things would improve from there.  We were wrong.
Gordon's demands on our time and his extreme sense of entitlement continued to escalate, and his irrational insistence that we treat him as if he were our only PR client when we have many others to serve began keeping us from properly serving everyone else on our roster. Anyone in their right mind would know we would not stand for neglecting all for one.  We told Gordon countless times that we do not work that way.  He didn't listen which is even more obvious now.
Gordon is acting as if he had paid our former monthly retainer fee from last year of $5000.  Even though Gordon only paid $600 to our firm, he received the same excellent service he would have gotten for $5000. 
As Gordon admits in his angry diatribes about our company, he still wants more from us.  Like all bully's and tyrants, Gordon wants blood, and even that may not be enough for him.
It became clear to us that no amount of time we invested in Gordon would ever satisfy his appetite for our attention, and it became very apparent that Gordon was not willing to pay us more than the $600 for all of the extra time we gave him.
We have also received a tremendous amount of harassing emails, texts and phone messages from Gordon after we fired him and as you can see, he is still trying to do us harm.  If Gordon is a "reformed" bully as he claims to be, his public behavior suggests that he is not.
What we are experiencing is that rather than reformed bully, Gordon is occurring to us as a menace to society, where legal action against him must be taken in order to maintain our right to peace.  
In the two Media documents we wrote for Gordon Myers, you would see that we did a pretty good job of making him seem like a person who is no longer capable of extortion, terrorizing, stalking, threatening and harassing people as his public post on Yelp (written by his own hand below) shows him to be.
See the following public retaliation Yelp post by Gordon below)
YELP-Gordon M.
1.0 star rating 4/15/2014
STAY AWAY - John and Katie have proven to be deceitful and unethical.
Beware of their charm, it get's surprisingly ugly once they have your money and you can't reach them.
do your homework..there were signs and big red flags. Most definitely not a class act
PS pay me $600.00 now or I will hire a contact I have in India who will defame you all over the internet for $3 an hour, you will never get rid of me if you don't pay me. I haven't begun to insult you yet, or give you the lashing you deserve. nothing is off limits....I have nothing to lose and I will NEVER STOP. You should really start thinking about paying me...why not just pay me $600 and I will go away quietly and never bother you again. ....
This should be about enough for you to send to the police....go on, I dare you.
I am sure they have nothing better to do than to protect important people like you.
PS you are really starting to piss me off now and for a real bully that is something we don't like a whole lot.
In his rebuttal on this site, Gordon is taking the tactic of pretending that he is a victim rather than the perpetrator in the matter that he has created between us.  He is saying "everyone blames the bully." Yes, you read that correctly.  WHY in the world would anyone want to blame a bully for their need to terrorize people so they can feel powerful?
If it isn't clear to any reader that Gordon Myers is an out of control person and a "practicing" bully, then by all means engage him.
Rage filled people lack common sense.  Gordon's behavior reveals to us that he is his own worst enemy in that he wants us all to hurt in the ways that he is hurting, and in our experience, he may go as far as to pretend to be helpful to people as a way to get close enough to hurt them.  Any testimonial he may post anywhere about himself may likely be fraudulent, and does not excuse the way he is treating his former PR Team.
What we have first hand knowledge of, is that if a consumer were ever to engage in business with Gordon Myers, and should said consumer need to distance themselves from him, or cause him to FEEL rejected in any way, said consumer risks being attacked and extorted, this is what we know for certain because this is what Gordon Myers is still obviously doing to us and our company. 
Narcissists believe the world owes them a favor, this is the consistent sense of entitlement that Gordon displayed from the moment we met him on March 14th, 2014, and is what had us fire him.  
For a man as obviously hateful and rage filled as Gordon Myers shows us he is, how can he ever expect to teach good common sense to anyone else when he possesses so little to none of it himself.  
Gordon lied to us in our first meeting with him when he told us that he had reformed from his old ways of beating people up and bullying them in South Africa.  If he respected himself, he would have a natural ability to respect others. 
that said, we reserve the right to refuse to serve anyone who is acting out, yet Gordon does not respect that and seems to believe he can take that right away from us.  
For the record, Gordon also lied to us in his initial call to our company about a client of ours referring him to us, and he is lying now.  
Gordon is doing what bully's always do by trying to make us look like the bad guys in an attempt to take the attention off of his own predatory behavior.  We would never let this kind of person around our own children or their friends. 
We don't and won't represent liars, frauds, bully's or tyrants, we represent only the best of the best, which are those who are emotionally stable enough to be launched into the global market place for public consumption.  As you can see by Gordon's threats and bullying promises to harm us forever he is not ready for much more than some very good anger management.
Let him be gleeful in his favorite pastime of terrorizing and extorting hard working kind hearted people who are standing up for themselves against a practicing bully.  
Someone has to say NO to bully's and if some of us don't...they will continue to bully maybe even you, or someone you love.   

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