Please stop now before its too late!

Hi my name is Nat and my brother Will has been bulled his whole life.

Will has Asperges so he finds it very hard to communicate with people his own age he also has low muscle tone in his jaw which causes him to pronounce words wrong so he gets very upset about that, but I have been doing extra curriculum with him to get his words under control. Will also hates it when he looses a game he will throw himself on the ground and kick and cry..... which gives bullies the best optunity to come and bully him. Will went to a catholic school from prep to grade 3 and then we decided to take him out of it and put him into a state primary school, so he could get more of a social life and try and connect with other kids his own age. Will went to his first day of year 4 at his new school very excited with his held high .... but came home sad and tired ,when I asked him what was wrong he said, "I made no friends today and everyone teased me".... what do I do now Nat?..... I said to him to tell a teacher or walk away from the kids..... it sounds stupid, but what else can you tell him to do ??? it was the second week at wills new school and the end of the day school bell rang, my father was waiting for Will to come out of class .... but he didn't? my dad then walked around the corner of a school building to see 3 boys in his grade bullying him and holding his neck .... my dad yelled out, GET AWAY FROM HIM NOW AND IF YOU MESS WITH HIM AGAIN YOU WILL BE DEALING WITH ME ! GOT IT KIDS! they all ran away I mean who wouldn't , you see, my dad is big strong guy, who has recently gotten out of the Army. we have gone to the school many times and they always seem to give you the same, "oh he is fine", "he is fitting in", "there is no problem"..... you think to yourself oh yeah well then, a 10 year old must be making this all up....... aahhhhh NO! WHAT 10 YEAR OLD WOULD FELL THE NEED TO MAKE UP A LIE LIKE THIS?...... you think that sending your child to school everyday he is going to be safe, and come home being happy and full of joy. hmmmm..... anyway the boys who were bullying will have stopped bullying him. and will has made a friend .... who has something that is similar to asperges, and they get along well . its like they get each other! I just find it disgraceful how people can shrug this off like it means nothing, when OUR children are in danger! So I am taking the pledge to stop Bullying full stop! because it NEEDS to be done before its to late! thanks for reading and lets start putting smiles back on childrens faces thankyou:)

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