Online Games Have bullies too

Hello, I'm Jen Foley. I just wanted to share my story about my time om MMORPGS to get the word out.


A lot of time, you picture a bully as a kid pushing another kid at a playground. Well My bullies where grown adults, and this was in video games.

I used to play Final Fantasy 11 and world of warcraft. My experience started as positive. But as soon as the game aged the players became anel over every little thing. All i tried doing was simply play. I tried joining many communities (called linkshells or guilds) and was kick out of them for little to no reason. I've always had social problems and finding it might even be that I have asbergers (sp?) 

Here is a more detail about what happen.

First thing was I joined a linkshell, and a guy playing and pretending to be a girl got jealous that i was close friends with the leader. They would start fights with me, play victem, and got me kicked out several times because the leader didn't want the drama.

second experience was some guy who had a live in girlfriend would hit on me. I kept telling him not interested, his g/f got mad and kicked him out of the house, I was to blame and was called a home wreaker. And again kicked out of the linkshell.

i also was cyberstalked as well anytime i would log on, some random guy would ask if i kick a guy in the balls. Ever time i blocked him he would just make a new character. This went on for 3 mnths. I've contacted all personel who handles the game, nothing. I ended up just quiting.

What happen in World of warcraft was worst, I join up and start a character on the roleplay server called Moonguard, what took place was apparently there was alot of open cyber sex (now called sexting) going on. I ran past all of that only to enter the city. When i got there 4-5 players ganged up on me calling me a whore. I never talked to these people as I was new. I went to the forums about it and people just told me to get a thinker skin. I was then temp banned because of asking on the forums.


Playstaytion home on the ps3 was MUCH worst, i tried going on to meet other gamers, what i found was hardly any gamers and nothing but cyber bullies. I was harrassed to no end. People would ask for naked pictures of me, send naked pictures of them. I was called whore, slut, and alot of other names.

Here is the thing I'm 29 years old... most of these people were 18-40 years old.

Why is it in this day and age adult act like bullies to... these are games meant for enjoyment not to be a whore house and bar.

To any parent with a kid playing MMORPG or logging in on Playstation home or even little big planet. Watch them one too many times I've seen adults go after kids online or kids going after adults.

The internet is not anymore safe then it was back in AOL dial up.

Anyway that is my story


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