Nothing is Really as it Seems

In Grade 6, I everything was fine. I had friends, my family supported me in activities, and I was happy. I had no worries. Then that one day came. That day where everyone remembers. I was picked on. The popular kids did and still do like to mess with me because of who I am. Because I didn't want to be in their clique. I didn't want to be just another person in the group of that strive to be number one and be worshiped by everyone. So I was alone. My friends left the school from being bullied and I wanted to too, but I couldn't. I had to stay. There was a new girl that came along, and no one said a word to her. But I did. I was the first one to go up and say hello, because I was alone too.  After a while, she became the most important person in my life. She was the one that kept me confident even with people messing with me. She made me see that they are weaker. We were the most best of friends. No one else connected and bonded like her and I did. Until, when summer came. Poof. She was gone. She wanted to be a somebody, not like the nobody I am. She wanted to be number one, so she did. She left me for the people that don't care about her. I can see it everyday that she isn't as happy. I'm not either. She became best friends with the people that are my bullies. Probably one of the worst feelings you can get. Now I'm more edgier than I used to be. I wear dark clothes, when I used to wear colorful ones. I was he best student in my class, now my grades are dropping. They took my best friend and I changed. Those same people have been the bullies for years and years, but yet, everyone thinks they're angels. They are the perfect children and at the same time they're nothing like that at all. They call me names like 'bitch' 'emo' 'fag' 'low life' 'loser' and 'freak'. After a while, I started to believe it was all true. I thought my life wasn't going to amount to anything. I get told that I'm not good enough by my parents, people at school, and the rest of my family. No one likes me. I drifted away from my family, because all they saw now is, 'You will never be as perfect as your older sister' and 'No one wants to hear about you and your problems'. Those popular people hate me more than anyone else at the school. I've told my parents about my problems, they won't say anything. I've told the school so many times I've lost count, they put on that same fake smile every time and say 'stay away from them' or 'we will do all we can', but we know they won't. I put up papers around the school that said nothing's going to change unless we stand up and fight against it. The school had those papers taken down after we all left to go home that day. Now I look on people and what they do from the outside looking in. When you just stand back and observe what is going on, you can see things that no one else does.


I told one girl that I would make her put the words she said back in her mouth. She cursed at me, tried to tackle me and feel bigger. Lucky for me, I am strong and I wrestled her down away from school. She didn't mouth off to me anymore. You have to be willing to prove people wrong weather its physical or not. You have to know you are better than those people because why else would they be bringing you down to their level? They tell you that you have nothing to be depressed about, but they have never seen what really goes on behind the scenes. And sometimes things will take a bad turn, but no matter how many people give up on you, remember to never give up on yourself. 

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