So I have a gorgeous 7 year old little boy. He is a natural athlete, tests above average on national as well as state test, he is a natural athlete and has kids love him. The child is good at everything he touches. Now I bet you are wondering WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE THE PROBLEM???  His father while loving Drake and is wonderful about spending time with him, has given him some wrong impressions. His father has a reputation of instilling fear to get respect and Drake sees this working with most men that his father comes in contact with. Now belive it or not most of the trouble his father and I got into as school kids had to do with us fighting the kids bullying other children. Drake does not hear us when we say that. He only sees that people are scared of his dad and that gets his father what he wants most of the time. We were married for 8 years and while he was an amazing father to Drake he didnt set the best examples. He was abusive towards me. Drake now feels he constantly needs to prove his strength and it doesnt matter if that means picking "on the little guy". I have punished him talked until I was blue in the face. I have told him that it was unacceptable behavior many times. We have gotten better in the past few weeks but my fear is that he will be the bully not the defender. I couldnt stand any child feeling that kind of pain because of my son. I will home school him before I allow that to happen! So far at school he hasnt had trouble with it. It has been with his cousins and a few innocodents with neighborhood kids. I know that parents of bullied children might hate me for this post but this is a 2 way struggle for parents. Although I will go to the ends of the earth to protect my child You will never hear me say "boys will be boys" or " thats just a part of growing up" because to me thats a cop out for parents that dont want to see any flaws in there child. So any feedback would be appreviated. Thanks for listening.


"Drakes Mom"

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