Not really a story, just a simple poem

Sticks and stones can break some bones but your words will always hurt.

You say I'm just a nobody, you tell me that I'm that dirt.


We are different but we're equal, one's no better than the rest.

Dont judge me by skin, how I pray or how I'm dressed.


My clothes are worn, my shoes are torn, and my house isnt big or grand.

But I too can feel, and I can hurt, just try to understand.


You say my clothes are way to dark, my make-up way to light.

I think my style fits me fine but I'm just to weak to fight.


You think my culture is too different, my religion isn't right.

I dont always agree with yours, but hatred's not polite.


You say my music's loud, that there's evil in their rhymes.

My music helps to block you out, it gets me through hard times.


You see me in the hall, you try to make me run.

I shrink against the wall while my pain becomes your fun.


You tell me that I'm weird, that I should just go home.

You dont know what its like, I just want to be left alone.


You say I'm dumb cause I need help, Im stupid and Im slow.

My life's a daily struggle, more than you could ever know.


I cant handle all the teasing, all the torture and your jokes.

I want to scream, I want to yell. I really want to but I choke.


We are red, we are yellow, we are white and we are black.

Skin color shouldn't matter, it shouldn't cause attack.


You say Im fat and that Im ugly and no one could ever love me.

You think because your prettier that your two steps above me.



I go home at night, I sit, I cry. I tell my parents I'm okay.

But I dont know if I can make it, how can I face another day.


I get depressed, I cant sleep, my appetite's gone cold.

I need someone, I need a friend, I need a hand to hold.


Its in our schools, its on T.V., computers and cell phones.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Its invading all our homes.


Bullying's a problem, one no child should endure.

Help us end it, help it stop, help us find the cure.

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