No tittle

Not all the scars show
Not all the wounds heal
Under my smile I am dying
The old happy me drowned in pain
All good memories left from my brain
They went flying and faded away painfully
I try to get them back 
But why should I try
I have a broken heart
It is torn apart
It is ripped, it is not put together
I want to die and not live in this world of many lies
I want to cry and let my emotions take over
But what can I do NOTHING!!
I just walk in life with a fake smile and laugh
And pretend nothing is going on in me
Why did everybody walk away from me?
Friends, people, EVERYBODY!!
If you love me then why? Why are walking away
I smile and make everybody think I am happy
I laugh so people don’t think I cry
I close my eyes so I don’t see things
But I can’t close my heart to things I don’t want it to feel
You don’t know how much it hurts
You don’t know how it feels to cry alone everyday 
It is difficult
Should I just keep lying to myself?
And keep thinking the same
Should I just give up?
Should I pretend it is a joke?
Should I choke all lies?
I spoke but nothing happened
I feel like a fool in a stool being made fun at
I am in a pool of pain and sadness

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