No bully is worth your amazing life.

I'm a very well known person and many people don't like that I'm smart and don't fit the stereotypical blond. I'm not stupid I'm very smart. But it has taken many years of me getting pushed around and called "stupid" "annoying" and as my years of school went on I tried to just push it all away and not say anything. I tried to stay out of it and let my mom and dad take care of it. But around 7th grade I could not even look at someone with out people telling or making fun of me. I walked around with my head down most of the days. One day coming home of the bus I got jumped by a group of boys that said they wanted to see me die and all sorts of very rude and hurtful things. That same year I tried to commit suicide. I took like and was cutting. I didn't think how it would effect my mom, my 2 little sister or even the rest of my family. I could only see the pain that everyone was putting on me. I don't like psychiatric hospitals they scared me until I when to one almost on the verge of just ending everything. I hated myself and I felt as if everyone else did as well. I spent a week in there the first time than had one more week after that. 

I'm not sad anymore I'm the happiest I've ever been. I love my life and family because after the hospital I got on medication for my bipolar disorder and went to therapy for bullying and many other things. But I'm writing this to show any and everyone that if you think it's over and the only way out is death. Stop look around and say to yourself. "What in my life is good?" "What/who will miss me if I go?" And "How can I get help?" 

No bully is worth your amazing life. If anyone ever wants to talk I'm full of amazing hope and spirit. And I'm a great listener((: 

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