Never one of the others

for as long as i can remember i never fit in. I was always the punching bag when i managed to find friends

In school i was always called "fatty" "whale" or whatever people could think of to make me feel terrible. 

I also didn't have the best of grades, I wasn't the smartest kid in the class, another thing for them to harp on with me, saying i'd never amount to anything, it got to the point where i felt like i would never amount to anything.

depression, anxiety, and all that kicked in, i felt so alone in a room filled with people. 

When i turned 20 i moved away from the place i once called home to a place where no one know's who i am, i've been here for awhile now and suffering with social anxiety makes it hard to find a person to confide in, i still feel lonely when walking into a room filled with people, or i feel like everyone's watching me judging me and the scars i have

on a positive note i have become someone i never thought i'd be, i teach toddlers and its really lifting my hopes and spirits in life. One day i'm hoping to become more, and get rid of my social anxiety and depression

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