Never give in.

All through out grade school I was bullied and picked on by everyone in my class. I attended the french immersion program at my school and every year my class had all the same students in it. All the kids in my classes grow up together and we were all very close and knew each other fairly well....even with that said I was always the brunt of the class, there was always some reason the other students picked on me for. The main reason was because I was dyslexic and had a hard time reading and writing...but if they were not making fun of me for that it was because my hair was to blonde....or long...I had to many clothes were to colorful...anything they could...they would.

The one thing that helped me get through the days was that I had very supportive parents that always made me feel that no matter everyone else said I was perfectly made just the way I was. My parents taught me to just roll with the punches and laugh it off but never to let them walk all over me. I would go to school and laugh with everyone else when they would make fun of me, sometimes I would joke about myself, but I would never let them see how much they hurt me. One day I realized that I was amazing just the way I was. I had a wonderful friend that lived on my street, my parents always supported me and loved me no matter what. Once I realized that, I was never offend again and slowly and slowly the jokes and the bullying went away.

Never give in to people and their judgement or opinion on you and always remember that "those how mind don't matter and those how matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss.

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