Never Ending....

MY STORY, it goes like this...

So when i was a little girl. I was bullied, very bad! It wouldn't be just like once a week, it would be every hour of everyday. The children would literally grab the fat on my theighs and stomach, and would call me a, human whale, next biggest loser. They would tell me to exercise, go for a run. I lied to my family when they asked 'How was school?".                     By year 4, they wouldn't say the nasty things to my face, they would say them behind my back. But, they would physically push me down staircase.                                                                                                     Year 5 and 6 had come. They would call me worthless, a waste of space, they even told me to kill myself.                                                

Just to think that was only 7 years of primary school, i still had another 6 of high school.

They all kind grew up year 7, well that what i thought. But the people form my primary school didnt care about me anymore, they were getting on with life. But it wasnt bullying from people you idnt like me, it was from my BESTFRIEND!                                                                                                 

My bestfriend bullied me. She told me everyday, i would be the reason she going to leave. She told me i as an embrassment to walk down the main street with. She would tell me i looked ugly, and needed to wear more makeup. I decided to tell the school counciler, that she was bully me. I just had too many thing bottled up of all these years i was bullied. I was seeing a physcolist, but they didnt help! They just told me i was just another depressed teenager, who has biopolar.                                           I let that girl who was supposed to be my bestfriend and went back to my best friend i had since year one and left her in year 7 for this other stupid chick. I started cutting though. It was bad and she noticed. I stoped though cause i didnt want to make her unhappy. Than she started. I still blame myself everyday. But she carved slut, fat, worthless into her skin. I yell and scream at her to stop, she never did though. So, she moved schools. So she could cut even more.                                       Days and months had past, she hadnt spoke to any of my friend or me. But i seen her again, and to notice how many scars she had. Just like me.   

Year 8...... ( in it now. :D )                                                                                                                             Its all different now. But in a good way. :) Me and my bestfriend, were talking now, were both kinda happy. But we have those days days and weeks. We both stop cutting for each other. I still get bullied at school amd have people walk by and call me ugly, a slut, fat and worthless. But im strong enough to brush it off. Thats only because my bestfriend, is a phone call away. I love her so much. If it wasnt for her neither of s would be here today. 

Hopefully, my mum going to let me move to the same school as her. <3

Thats my story, but its still countining....





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