My Story With The Bullying

Hello! I am Brazilian, and I can not speak English (laughs), but I would speak to my experience with bullying.
I was included in a last minute work, then I promised that in return, I teach math work. But it did not work, since we finished work very late and was to be delivered on the next day. This made them begin to judge me, call me stupid, false, and various other things very, very bad. My friend was defending me and I pretended not to care, was stirring in the cell. Before the three girls leave, one of them opened the door and yelled "you will be alone!" and slammed the door. I collapsed. I lost myself in tears and mourning. A year ago it happened. Two of the girls left school, but one remains and is a "friend," but I can not see her like that, because I can not forget the past. Thanks to my fear of sharp objects, never got around to self mutilate me. But I tried to kill myself. But I can not, because I always think of my family and talk to myself "I can not". Almost went into a depression. It moves a lot to me and I think never will overcome. I heard the girl who said I would be alone and walked away people, including my family. That hurts me. I can not stand this pain, but I have to move on and stay strong. This is my story.
My name is Ana Beatriz Andrade and I am 14 years old.

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