my life.

hi, I'm jacco, I'm 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands.
when I was 8 years old, I was bullied for the first time because I was not good at school. every day at school was a tragedy for me because I did not feel safe.
I was beaten, I was kicked, I was grabbed by the throat and I was drawn to my hair.
After two years I decided to once again oppose them and bite away from me.
that was not exactly a success.
I was beaten up by three guys and then I got stuck in a wheelchair.
I am so often kicked my back that I'm hit. partially paralyzed
having been in the hospital at 12 weeks I was told that I would never walk again.
my world collapsed.
I finally had to go back to school because I wanted to get. my diploma
After 2 weeks the harassment started again.
I was pushed by my wheelchair, I was insulted and ridiculed.
when I was 14, I made ​​the decision not to go to school.
My father had a garage and I have always had a passion for cars.
although I could never drive a car when I decided to work with cars.
I started with my father to restore a car, something I did with a lot of love and passion.
After 2 years, the car was almost completely restored.
Then something happened that I never expected.
the bullies at school knew I was working in a garage.
they came a long walk with a group of 12 boys.
when they saw me they started again with bullying.
they started to beat me.
when my father came back was his turn.
he was beaten up by five guys and the other stood around it.
I felt powerless because what could a boy of 16, in a wheelchair do well against 12 boys.
I called the police and after I made ​​a report I received a blow to my head and passed out.
When I woke up I was in the hospital with a broken nose and burns.
The doctors told me that the bullies had put the car on fire and me and my father had left.
I have brought a case against the 12 boys because abuse, insult, arson, and destruction.
they got all 12 jailed for 9 years.
My father died two weeks later from his injuries.
that was a very difficult time.
After half a year, I decided to let rebuild the garage.
I then started again restoring the car and after 2 years when I was 18, the car was ready.
the car for me is a tribute to my father.

1 year  later, I received  from the government the opportunity to convert the car so I would be able to drive the car.
Since that time I drive past the cemetery every day of my father to say that I am proud of him because he has helped to do what I love to do.
I am also grateful to him for what he taught me.
without him I would never have come this far.
Now I often hear from people that they admire my perseverance.
I now have my own business in my garage where I work with other people.
without my father, I'd never be able to do this.
i still have planned to give to charity against bullying. 50 percent of my income
so I feel that I can do about bullying. anything anyway

I've never really talked to anyone about what happened in my youth.
This feels like a relief that I have brought my story. outside

I am jacco and I'm 100 percent against bullying.

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