My Friend

My dear friend, who was kind, loving, and outgoing, was picked on incessantly just because she wasn't part of the social norm. Just because she was different. Days were spent consoling her rather than her being able to spend time being a normal teenager.

I remember my own time in school when I was picked on. How I would be pushed, shoved, and attacked. No one ever believed how bad the abuse was, when 3 and 4 kids at a time would come at me. I persevered  and made it through and made it my goal to let her know that she could to. That things would get better. That she could escape.

It's only been two months since my friend decided to leave us behind. I hope that wherever she is, she is happy. I feel so much sadness, and so much remorse. I wish there was more I could have said to prevent her decision. I wish my words had carried a bigger impact. I wish she could have seen that. 

Sadly, she did not. Her cries were only heard by those who loved her. Her pleas fell on deaf ears at her school. The bus driver ignored her pain. Only those at home knew her true plight, and only when it was too late.

I miss my friend. But if her story can do anything to help, then I will spread it. I will stand strong FOR HER. I will be HER voice.

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