My Experiences

I hardly remember a time in primary school where I wasn't bullied, called fat, beaten, shunned...

I used to get bullied when I was just 5 years old, by an older girl at my Catholic School. The teachers would just watch. She would attack me in any way she could, and left me concussed once.
My mum got sick of it, and went to the principal. Myself, the principal and my mother talked to the girl, and she left me alone. Then I moved to Australia.

I couldn't help it that my family was poor. My dad was disabled and an alcoholic, and my mum was his carer, and that meant little money for myself and my siblings.

I started school in Australia in 1999, at 7 years old. Another girl would always pick on me. I didn't have the best shoes or clothes. I would just glance her way, and she would sneer at me.

I moved schools numerous times. It never seemed to help. I was either too poor, didn't have any fashion sense, or was picked on because of my skin colour (tanned).

It wasn't only at school that I would face bullying. My dad would constantly tell me that I would never amount to anything. Then, when my step-dad came into the picture, everything went from bad to worse.

Step-dad would call me fat, lazy, stupid, ugly... I would believe these things and go to bed every night, crying.

Now I have self- confidence, and am slowly making myself a better person.

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