my bully story , just a topical teenage boy

my story , never told anyone this but im a bully victim every day i was bullied , i was slapped , kicked , punched i was even spit on , all started when i was 13 , i had no friends i was alone. i didnt understood why! i was called gay , fag , queer , fat , ugly , ginger! one day i was in the yard and some boy punched me and start kicking me i was suspended over it ,i got my head put in the toliets , i would wish i could fall asleep and never wake back up. life was too hard as a child , i got a group off people came up too me onethem punched me the other one put a smoke in my face and took my phone. i then got my school bag turned inside out and uniform put in the showers in pe , i then got a scocers put too my neck telling me too kill myself! one night i was 13 and walk too the bridge over a main road and stood on it looking down thinking too myself "will i jump might be better off " i wanted my life too end! but i didnt jump , in about a week later i got jumped on in the middle off the class were he broke my nose , i walked true the school with blood down my face! i didnt go back , i change schools! when i was 14 the bullying came again i was called really mean names which i end up stop eating and would cry myself too sleep! i even got pissed on by another boy. i then one night got a phone call saying why dont you do your mother proud for once and kill yourself too then i thouht maybe my family would be better off without me , i then start self harming! hard cuts on my wrists , legs and stomach! i went onto facebook one night too find another facebook page with my name and pictures making fun and slagging me off.. i start hating myself and skipping school! i have no friends , i was in my followring year and i took drugs and start drinking and smoking to stop the pain i even got a school tie put around my neck! i hate my life! i was 15 and in hostipal 6 times trying too kill my self! i end up leaving school! i need friends! 

you know my name not my story! thanks for listen! if your being bullied never give up! there is hope , love and happiness after every dark night theres a brighter day! thank you so much

email: [email protected] if anyone needs too talk

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