My bully story

When i was in 4the grade, i went to a school in california. I usually wore turtle necks, had poofy hair. I was picked on because of it. I was used, and only truly had one best friend.

in fifth grade i remember going over to a group of girls sitting down and when i sat down with them, they left. a couple of boys noticed it and walked by saying to me "look who has no friends." It made me sad to think that i didnt actually have many friends. The "cool girls" would tell me to hold their stuff and they would say that i am their friends, but i knew i was only being their maid. I also used to be picked last for being on a team. 

When it was the last day of school and i had to move to a different state it was actually hard on me. I didnt want to move away from my one and only best friend. Also i didnt know what the new school would be like for me. Today i have many friends and i no longer had gotten picked on. I stand up for myself and others. Im not the shy girl anymore. I now know what true friendship is. I know it does get better. No one should have to feel sad or lonely like this. Stay strong<3

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