Monkey See, Monkey Do

The origins of bullying are animal origins. Yes, the apes bully one another and aggress for control. We somehow thought we were above APES and it turns out, we're not at all....UNLESS we are able to REFLECT on what we do to one another with a sense of how it feels TO THE OTHER person. 

However, if medical interventions (and environmental chemicals called endocrine disruptors) are administered to pregnant women (or are allowed to be manufactured and distributed into our environment), without even knowing what they do to the DNA of our children and our children's children, bullying (as a topic) is a moot point. How will we show empathy, if our brains have been damaged? Empathy will not compute, except in a robotic fashion! 

Distorted DNA will continue to produce emotional dysfunction through the generations, as DNA is permanent memory.

The medical world, the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, are the capitalistic culprits displaying no ethical underpinnings as *corporate persons*. Stilbesterol (DES), though banned in the early '70's, is still the cause of ongoing generational damage (geneticly transmitted social brain deficits). But it's not just's a cocktail of drugs which are cavalierly administered to the infant through the mother, in the most epigenetic setting, the womb.  We can no longer think we're superior to nature after such enormous SOCIO-MEDICAL and pride-based BLUNDERS. Superior? NOT!

Add DNA distortion to the natural APE functions (MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO-- the brain's mirroring of exactly what it sees in real-life attachment/bonding experience)....what you get is more bullying, less empathy.  There has been a decline in empathy and true co-operation because the brains of the populous are being chemically injured.  

So, do we teach people to develop compassion? Sure, and simultaneously, and most importantly, we eliminate the endocrine disruptors from our system.

In my case, the monkeys, my family who were chemical victims of *Modern Medicine*, saw what the mother monkey did...tried to kill me...and that's what they thought was how to BE themselves. Do you think you're better or smarter than the wisdom of Mother Nature?  You are only a generational line of DNA (memory)-- no better, no worse than any animal from our evolutional line.





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