Mean Girls !!

We moved to Charlotte, NC from Brooklyn NY thinking that the life here in Charlotte would be better for my 14 year old daughter. My daughter attends South Mecklenberg High School. From the first day of school it has been a living night mare for her. She has been called name like, " whore, bitch"! And that she' gonna get her ass kicked. Everyone she talks to they would eventually get to and then she would be left alone without friends. She refuses to ride the school bus, because at the end of the school day, this would continue on the bus. She gets picked on everyday since August 27, 2012, and it seems like there is nothing the school could do. The administrator would let me know that there is 2600 students in the school and they can't monitor them all.  the more she complains is more they begin to look at her as the "common denominator".  Whenever I complain they would say, " you sure it's bullying, bully comes in many forms". I am not stupid I do know what bully means , it can be verbal,  such as teasing or name calling, intimidation using gestures or social exclusion, which is what she going through. I HAVE NEVER COME ACROSS A MEANER SET OF CHILDREN THAN THOSE BULLIES THAT ATTEND SOUTH MECKLENBERG HIGH SCHOOL. 

Sharon Carpenter

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