Me to a friend named Anna

I was picked on a bit in elementary school. My mom was severely bullied in her school so she is this 100% protective person. She would go to the school take the kid aside and warn them to lay off me, and they did. One time however, she went to the school to find this one kid, and a teacher kicked her out for trespassing, she didn't care, she went on her way to find this kid.

Once I hit high school, I was never picked on, I was accepted, and could care less what people thought of me, but my friend Anna in senior year started to get harassed by the popular party girls. For no reason. And she was this tiny beautiful girl, a threat.

I first met Anna in the 4th grade, she was the new girl and I desperately wanted to be her friend. She paid me no attention, until 8-9th grade. I became very close friends with her during that time, we had a lot of laughs together. But at the end of 10th grade to 11th, she changed. Not only did she got blonder, skimpier clothing and started hanging around parties, but she completely stopped talking to me and my other friend, as if we weren't good enough for her. There was no explanation, and she just ignored us in the hallways. I didn't start becoming her friend again until she started getting bullied.

It started at prom after party, this one girl was trying to start a fight with her, verbally assaulting, threatening to physically hurt her. Everyone including her best friend was standing behind Anna allowing her to take on this abuse by herself, Anna is no fighter. I got a big adrenaline rush, and marched up to this girl and told her off. She took a few jabs at me but left anyway. Mind you I was afraid because she was about 8 inches taller than me.

Then school started and the girls were as vicious as ever to Anna, calling her names across the hall, making fun of how short her kilt was, names in the cafeteria, I wasn't present in any of these situations, but I was told about them and got very angry, I questioned Anna's best friend about it,and she said 'stay out of it'. This girl was the type that needed to be liked by everyone, so there was no chance she would stick up for her friend.

Then it was the senior trip to cabins at this beach. The girls were rude still to Anna I comforted her as much as I could. The girls then broke into my cabin, took my clothes and roommates clothes and put them on, took pictures making fun of us and put them all over Facebook, I believe they are still on there today.

They stole Anna's phone while we were there, they hacked into her Facebook and posted private text conversations between her and her boyfriend who were having issues at the time, hacked into her msn, changed the pictures and statuses. It got so bad that she needed to have the police involved who monitored her Facebook, since the girls were leaving such nasty messages and the main girl was threatening her life. Eventually in the next few weeks, the principals took action, not only did they ban the main bully from our graduation ceremony, but she now has a record with the police, and Anna was finally left alone.

Anna and I don't talk anymore which is too bad because I feel like we could have been great friends after all I did for her, this was 4 years ago, she doesn't talk to her best friend either. But I often wonder what it would have been like if all the bullying wasn't happening in the last month of our senior year, what if it was freshman year, and Anna had to deal with this bull for another 3 years like some kids do? How would she have dealt with it then? 

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