life never changes

After my last post, thins have gotten worse, i have no friends at all now, some times i even sit by my self, i dont know who to talk to. the other day a girl came up to me and say:
"why did you tell ryan to do that you little slut"
me: "what are you talking about"
her: *throughs milk all over me*
i guess what im trying to say above is basically what people tell me and do to me at school, i never told anyone to do anything, she just comes over and poors milk all over me. for the past few weeks she has been giving me these looks in classes and when i look at her for a second she yells across the room "stop looking at me you fu****g little slut". im so close to moving schools, i was so tempted to commit suicide a few nights ago, but i didnt cause i didnt want to hurt my family, i havent cut in a few months cause the last time i did my mum kicked me out and sent me to doctor to help me cause my mum didnt know what to do with me, my mum kknows whats happening at school but she wont let me talk to her and tell her whats really going on, she still wont let me leave schools because apparently doing senior at a new school will be hard. the only reason why i wanna leave is because im not passing anyclasses at this school because of the people at that school and i just wanna make a hole new life at a new school with new friends and focusing more on school. im just so over everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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