Left out, not anymore

Throughout my life I have always been the odd one out. Even in my family. But it really didn't effect me until I was in high school. I remember it happening in elementary and middle school. Because of the way I was always left out of things going on, I became an introvert. 

When I began my junior year in high school I had hit rock bottom in my life. I had began to isolate myself so others didn't have to. But when the social bullying really began was towards the end of my junior year. Everyone that I was sitting with at lunch started leaving me out of conversations and eventually they just stopped talking with me completely. 

Summer came and summer went. Then my senior year came along. I had been looking forward to an amazing senior year. Then bam the social bullying started again. But this time it was with rumors about my personal decisions. Once again I isolated myself from others so they wouldn't have to isolate me.

Then I reunited with my best friend that I made in the 9th grade. And her life long best friend wasn't happy at all. She started isolating me in classroom conversations, activities, and made it so I was so uncomfortable sitting in the sit I was sitting in. 

I began crying myself to sleep most nights. I had been yelled at by her for being a best friend to HER best friend. And that by far isn't a crime at all. I had enough of the bullying from her. I told my teacher and he allowed me to switch seats so I wouldn't have to sit by her any more. He actually stood up for me when I emailed him about the situation. 

But then it didn't stop. It continued to go on after school and during the summer when all three of us would hang out. She purposely isolated me from conversations and would direct things to focus on her and her problems. 

And now as I'm in college it is finally stopping. I started to ignore her completely. And she has backed off completely. But ignoring the bully isn't always the solution. You SHOULD tell an adult immediately! And remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!


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  • Ryan Knowles
    commented 2013-04-03 12:26:39 -0400
    Kaleigh, Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Part of the healing process is discussing it with people, and sometimes posts like this help you move forward. What many kids don’t realize is that high school is not permanent, you move beyond it, and that at that point in our lives, we are still at the beginning stages of our development as adults. It’s great to hear that things are getting better and even more important that you now know how important it is to talk to an adult about what you’re experiencing, because like you said, you are not alone! Keep fighting the good fight.

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